Thursday, April 17, 2008

'Theodacopulos,' by Nimrod

Hey, Taki, the nimrodniks you’ve put in charge of your site have fucked up your name on the left side.

Carry on, Oh gashhound, my gashhound.

Posted by Pat Ferbis on Apr 17, 2008.

Hey, Taki, the nimrodniks you’ve put in charge of your site have fucked up your name on the left side.

Carry on, oh gashhound, my gashhound.
Posted by Pat Ferbis on Apr 17, 2008.

Hey, Pretty Pat, you fucked up too! ‘O,’ itz!

Posted by Vanguard of the Trolletariat on Apr 17,

Zamfirak Loves Unaborted 'Lacks

Abortion isn’t racist against blacks, if anything those who push abortion most are in general racist toward whites. It’s just that the ideas of leftism so dominate debate because of their control of the media and schools that people feel compelled to resort to liberal arguments. We can’t fight a war unless we paint it in terms of political correctness. Muslim terrorists lard their press releases with the sort of quasi-Marxism that has been flowing from our universities for decades, etc.

Posted by John Smith on Apr 16, 2008.

For all my sins, I do not envy them their moment at the “fearsome judgment seat of Christ.”
Posted by John Zmirak on Apr 16, 2008.

On the other hand, all dogs go to heaven. Good news for you, Greasy John.

Posted by R.C. Stove on Apr 17, 2008.

Zamfirak tootles, and the real world disappears. Ah, the Catholic pan flute. Who can resist its mellifluous waverings?

Quality and biology, as the papists insist, do not apply to people.

Hey, Zammy: How many abortion ‘doctors’ aren’t jewish?

Posted by Pete Moss on Apr 17, 2008.

Let’s face it. Everybody reading this site knows the more niggers aborted, the better for all us humans.

Niggers rape 40,000 white women a year. Taki has put out the word that this fact is NOT to be allowed on his site.

Why? Answer the question yourself.

Takimag is part of the controlled opposition to the ruling regime. It appears to be at odds with things as they are, yet in no serious particular does it

diverge from the rulers’ party line.

Readers ask time and time again what paleocons’ point is? What’s the mission of this site and this philosophy?

Never is this question answered because the answer would give the game away.

Takimag, Takimag
Just another useless
liberal rag.

As always, learn what Takimag wants hidden at Takimag 2.0

And remember what Joe Sobran said about professional conservatism:

“It was all a game; a way of making a living.”

John Zmirak opposes abortion. He just won’t tell you that it’s legal because jews dominate law schools and the media. Nor will he tell you that nearly all abortion providers are jews.

You see what Sobran meant?

Posted by M.I. on Apr 17, 2008.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the young gentleman of nose whether he prefers to be referred to as a Chibrew or a Chike?

Posted by Lamont Snooley on Apr 17, 2008.

I would like to request of the Catholic gentlemen who frequent this site that they encourage my mistress to douche. It’s been months now. The purulent discharge here admitted, while impressive, in no way substitutes for the real thing. Thank you.

Posted by Sid's Cuntlips on Apr 17, 2008.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Responses to Greasy John Zamfirak's Latest Pro-Black Asininity

Are blacks a collective postive or a collective negative? The answer is obvious. But a good Catholic knows never to pose the sensible question, always to move the question into la-la land, where everything is abstract and beautiful. Just as liberals separate liberation and voting from results, they separate abortion from the character of the pail people. It is one thing to abort a black. It is an entirely different thing to abort a White.

A good comment, not by us, gets some of the truth into the thread. Whether the post is let stand, of course, remains to be seen.

Sorry, blacks in general have nothing to contribute to any kind of society I’d like to live in. 90% score lower than the average white on IQ scores and the very few that can succeed work towards making life easier for the rest of them, which means more crime, socialism and social engineering. And blacks aren’t only inferior in intelligence. Mark Levin’s book ( shows that blacks are also morally inferior by the standards of our society at least.

Anyway, the less blacks the better. I won’t miss those who contribute nothing to modern civilization and live as parasites, providing motivation for generation of do gooders to use government power to smother us all to death in the pursuit of their unatainable goal of equality.

Posted by Jason on Apr 16, 2008.

[Our post]

Are blacks a collective postive or a collective negative? The answer is obvious. But a good Catholic knows never to pose the sensible question, always to move the question into la-la land, where everything is abstract and perfect. Just as liberals separate liberation and voting and civil rights from results, they separate abortion from the character of the people in the pail. It is one thing to abort a black. It is an entirely different thing to abort a White. As they used to say, “Not everything with a face is human.”

The John Zmiraks of the world keep preening over their morals while outside in the real world, 37,000 White women are raped by unaborted blacks each year.

I understand that if those blacks be caught young and tutored in the ways of Jesus, these horrors will stop. I’m just sayin’…

Posted by Mark Twine on Apr 16, 2008.

Great Comments: Sempronius boots Patty Bukes


Where to begin? Buchanan the phoney Catholic and phoney “right wing extremist” has encountered some easy prey and hes not about to forego the opportunity to make shooting a squirrel seem like wrestling a lion.The modern Hercules will surely secure his place, if not on Olympus at least in suburban D.C..

There is nothing wrong with “elites”.In fact any sane person, much less a conservative, aknowledges as much and whats more welcomes it.Populist opposition to elitism is yesterdays Leftism,and yesterdays Leftism is todays Conservatism.

Therein lies a problem.

Degenerate Conservatism cant effectively oppose Leftism because its intellectual underpinnings are derived from the very tradition it makes a show of opposing.With the predictable result that it doesnt succeed in accomplishing much of anything,except providing careers for useless and worthless personages not unlike P.B..

The yokels out in the wilds of Pennsylvania are hardly an edifying sight.Understanding and sympathizing with their plight is assuredly correct and noble,but it is not primarily on their behalf nor for their benefit that we oppose THE GOOD TIDINGS of Leftism and its newest Kenyan-Indonesian Messiah.There is no little irony in the fact that The Kenyans mother came from regions no less despised and no less humiliated than the Province of Pennsylvania.

As I said, there is nothing wrong with elites.What passes for an elite today however is not a true elite but rather a degenerate epicene plutocracy.A greedy, stupid, ugly assortment of sorry specimens whos combined value isnt equal to a pile of refuse.

It is indicative of how low we have fallen that an African is putting on contemptuous airs, openly and without consequence towards white serfs.The proper rejoinder to the Kenyans provocation is to point out that however mean and ignoble Heartland peasants may be, they are still far and away preferable to the simians that infest our urban wastelands not to mention the savages of his beloved Africa.

But Conservatism cant do that you see.That would be racist and therefore unchristian and unamerican.

Unbiblical you might say.


[also good]

The elites have power because — and only because — the people have accepted a servile status in exchange for security & benefits.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Solid Comments

John Smith

The “them” aren’t “the folks in the small towns and rural areas of that other America”, they’re any white who isn’t self-loathing and desirous of their own destruction, regardless of their income. Obama’s remarks were racist, that is the primary thing wrong with them, and “conservatism’s” co-operation in helping the media deflect the controversy away from the racist hatred of whites that defines the modern left to “bitterness” is a classic case of quisling behavior, and a good example of why conservatism is in disarray. Because they are afraid to deal with the real nature of these remarks they have allowed themselves to be channeled into the ineffective tactic of accusing Obama of being an elitist. He’s a racist, from a genocidally racist political movement, his elitism is irrelevant.

Well argued by Smith. He leaves out the jew behind the left, but he sets it up so the next guy can supply the deeper answer. Instead of prejudicing the full answer, he preps the ground for it. Smith shows the way to argue when you're afraid your remarks will be deleted. You don't necessarily have to say everything, but you must avoid obstructing the way to full understanding by staying on the road, even if you stop short of the destination.

Cowardly Grant Havers Responds - After Ensuring He's Safe From Contradiction

Grant Havers, or Gerbil Havers, as he shall henceforth be known, jumped in and deleted our various responses, and then let us have it.

To “Craig”: you may have a point; I shall try to be a civil Christian gentleman (no, seriously).
As for T2.0: while I agree with Taki that Sartre was a better fornicator than philosopher, he was correct to observe that if “the Jew did not exist, the anti-Semite would have to invent him.” There would be no meaning to this pathetic thug’s life if takimag didn’t exist. If the paleos, the zionists, the whole world are so horrible, why does this cretin bother?

Posted by Grant Havers on Apr 15, 2008.

Part gerbil, part pufferfish, our Granty. Why do you bother censoring cretins, Grant? Afraid you can't beat them in argument?

As for Sartre's line, it's just another character smear. Which is fine with you. Lacking all principles, you have no problem citing a jew who defended his jew commie brothers over in Russia who murdered tens of millions of Whites. He's a jew, that's all that matters to you. No one can call you an anti-semite if you quote him. You're safe. And that's your thing, isn't it, Granty?

All the Takimag reader notices is that:

Paleocons allow jews to smear Whites, but don't allow Whites to rebut jewish lies with facts.

Hey, Gerbil Havers: if jews didn't exist, who would you philosemitic cower-cons truckle before? You'd have to invent a new master.

Censored at Takimag!

Here's what you can't post on a site run by conservative profiteers.

Executive summary: profesional paleoconservatives are career girls. They cut their analysis to fit their interests. Jew Gottfried’s mission and function is to prevent young white intellectuals from identifying the jews at the root of every major social ill bedeviling the Whites’ West.

Extended response:
Posted by T2.0 on Apr 15, 2008.

There is a lot blame to go around. Why let the Christian Zionist off the hook?

White nationalists like me attack all bought preachers, but bought preachers are a symptom, not the disease itself.

Jewish neocons can only get away with what the majority Christian population of America lets them get away with.


The majority of White Christian America was against our involvement in what became WWII. Nearly 90%. Yet we went in. How do you explain that save a hostile minority makes all the real decisions?

The vast majority of the country, Christians included, wants the borders shut down. Yet they remain open. It wants an end to affirmative action, yet it never stops. What the majority wants doesn’t matter in the least. What the jews want is what happens. Why should comments be deleted from a conservative site for saying this if it isn’t true? If what I were arguing were wrong, it could be demonstrated by the editors. But instead they censor because the truth makes them look like what they are pseudo-analysts.

Say you’re a christian preacher who doesn’t want the jews to “get away with” any of 500 policies any longer. Where do you get your view publicized? All the mass media outlets are owned by jews and push the jewish agenda. Anyone who objects is smeared as a hater. There are individual christian preachers who stand up, but you sure won’t hear about Ted Pike at Takimag! You have to go to the white nationalist media to learn about him and them.

An academic who did the research proving that jews are pursuing a genocidal campaign against Whites just had a conference held in his honor. I refer to Kevin MacDonald and the SPLC-led witch hunt roundup at Long Beach the other day. Not a word of it transpired here. Why? Because this is la-la land, where everything’s about policies and people, and racial agendas are out of bounds. Nevertheless, jews pursuing genocidal policies against native Whites is what defines America and most of the West today.

If it were a simple matter of Christians choosing to get rid of the jews if they wanted, my comments here would not be deleted so quickly. White nationalism is precisely what the jew fears: Whites who understand they are under racial attack and fight back rather than look for reasons to explain away what is obvious, as the paleocons do.

There are the rare Christians who speak against the jews. They are marginalized. Not by their own - by the jews who run the government and can yank tax exemptions as one in a number of tools they have for cutting funding to anyone who opposes their genocial, loxist agenda.

These clowns you see out front - Reed, Falwell, Robertson - these are men who have power ONLY because they have sold out to the jews. If Pat Robertson took a line critical of Israel he’d be off tv within days.

You have it backwards, McGinty. The jews have the power. They control the christians through tax status (money) and threats.

Essentially, Whites are denied a head. Just as their jewish brothers did in Eastern Europe last century, murdering the White elites, jews in America use their power to prevent a White head from forming, leaving the headless body fit to fight in Iraq, work a service job, or produce white daughters for negroes to marry lol.

The majority Christian population could end the neocon teason in heart beat if they wanted to. This is the paradox.

So you say. The facts are otherwise. Or are christians simply to gutless to point out that it is jews who are behind the campaign to knock christianity out of the public square, and jews who fill their tvs with MTV and Nickelodeon race-mixing garbage, and their retail stores with Bratz dolls.

The only political question that matters in America today is whether, despite the powers the jews can leverage, good White men can come together and cashier them, and create a society worth living in.

In America 2008, all you need to predict what’s going to happen is a knowledge of the jewish agenda. What the majority wants never matters. Paleocons, who must at all cost preserve their income, can’t afford to tell you the facts. They’re happy with crumbs from the liberal jew table in exchange for toeing the Big Lie line that race doesn’t matter.

Posted by T2.0 on Apr 15, 2008.

The White race—those who wish to survive as Whites in a White nation—have not yet resorted to violence to end Jewish Tyranny, but I believe that day is coming. The jews who run our country have made peaceful change inevitable, and in time they will get done to them what they claim Hitler did, but in fact did not do.

Posted by Mark Schlachter on Apr 15, 2008.

That ‘inevitable’ should be IMPOSSIBLE, per the Kennedy quotation.
Posted by Mark Schlachter on Apr 15, 2008.

The US got invloved in WW2 because Germany declared war on the US. There was no opposition to the war at this point.

Yes, after endless provocation and mistreatment under the banner of neutrality. Germany had absolutely no way to threaten the North American mainland, and we were far better served to stay out of that war to extend jewish communism.

But still, McGinty - if the Germans got what they deserved, then why are you here? We normal Whites in America are getting it too. Just as it was in the Weimar Hitler objected to, we in America today have degenerate jews with their hands on all our cultural chokepoints. They are using their control to murder our country, and eliminate our people.

Only the jew won World War Two.

What do you think multiculturalism is? It’s a policy deliberately created by jews to produce White genocide. I thought Hitler was the racist? I thought he killed all the jews? No, in fact all he did was encourage them to emigrate. The real genocidalists are the jews who claim to be the victims of genocide. If you don’t understand that, you need to do a little more reading. Or commit menticide and join Free Republic.

Posted by T2.0 on Apr 15, 2008.

Good Question

I’m a big fan of Justin Raimondo. Is it too much to hope for that Takimag will offer Dennis ‘n’ Yoshi bobblehead dolls?

Posted by Boyd Brown on Apr 15, 2008.

Jew Saul Gottfried's Mission: Steering Young White Conservative Intellectuals Away From Jew-Knowledge

Responding to My Respondents
Posted by Paul Gottfried on April 15, 2008

My last full-length essay on Taki evoked so many thoughtful comments, including essays by Daniel Larison and Richard Spencer (and a long opinion piece by Gerald Russello on the American Conservative website) that I am producing this detailed clarification. The critical thrust of the comments received was more or less the following: First of all, I have overstated the difference between the paleoconservatives and the younger generation of those who are attacking the neoconservatives from the right. Both groups have said pretty much the same things about the evils of the welfare state, the folly of basing a foreign policy on Wilsonian rhetoric, and the leftist origins and cosmology of the neoconservative rulers of the “conservative movement.” There is no significant distinction to be drawn among right-wingers based on generational differences. Where they differ, according to Russello, is that paleos show a deeper knowledge of philosophy and history than those who are coming after them. That difference indicates a greater intellectual reach on the part of the paleos, who have managed to be more than “journalists and activists.”

On and on, boringer and boringer with each paragraph. A man who writes the way jew Gottfried does has one or two purposes: to make money; to deceive. There is no substantial difference between professional conservatives today and yesterday. They are career girls. It is the most distinctive characteristic of the class. Even Canny Sammy, the race-daringest of them all, was a career girl rather than a radical, let alone a revolutionary. A career girl is defined as someone who never puts a cause ahead of his personal interests. As Oliver North said, the truth never put any food on anyone's table. Paleoconservatives don't buck the System, they are the System. Not, of course, all of it, or the part that defines the whole, but a prop. Paleoconservatives lend support to ZOG's anti-White System by misleading their readers as to the root cause of the Right's, taken in its loosest sense, litany of woes. Cultural degeneration, open borders, immoral foreign wars, racial crime, affirmative action - all these policies or results of policies can be traced to jews. If these same jews are in positions of power, and they are, and their fellows like Gottfried never discuss them, and they avoid it as far as they possibly can, given they're on the right where in spite of all best intentions these dirty little secrets still pop up, then jews like Gottfried must be taken as an integral part of the System they affect to seek to change.

Professional conservatism is inseparable from dickering over details since discussing the tenets of the system they whine about is taboo. The System known as America is built on the suppression of White identity. To defend itself the System nibbles and bites at free speech and self-defense rights secured in the White-devised Constitution. That is obvious. Less obvious is that the System sustains itself by creating, and thereby controlling, its own opposition. This is where shielding jews such as Paul Gottfried come in. Always jew Gottfried concern is to lead his charges away from the jewish connection to our troubles. Always the jew conceals or, if he can't do that, downplays the demonstrably true conception that our real rulers are jews driven by an ethnic agenda that includes genocide for Whites. Always jew Gottfried blames Protestants and the managerial state, while ignoring his fellow jews' stated words about their motives and aims.

Young conservatives assimilate into a System that tacitly accepts jews as the touchstone for all values. No view of history is acceptable unless some jew approves. The neocons have their Jaffa, dictating the official party line on Lincoln. But the paleocons have their Lukacs, dictating the party line on race and nationalism. All that remains to be done is to use the smears and epithets honed by their brother jews on the left to denounce any budding paleo-brain who dares to color outside the established lines.

Taki says he began Takimag to take on the neocons, but all he has done is establish a variant of their orthodoxy that is every bit as totalitarian in shutting out dissenting views. If racial strife between jews and Whites is at the heart of the struggle over the future of the Whites' West, you will never hear of it at Takimag, where discussion is limited to what jews deem safe, respectable, responsible, appropriate - whichever word they want to use as an excuse to get out of debating first principles.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Celebrating The Goat

Just because...

Grant Havers, Paleocon Coward

So ol' Grant responds to my calling him out:

It’s so sad that Neo-Nazi agent provocateurs lack the guts to post their real names, and must steal the good name of Taku. The “master race” is cowardly and moronic in equal doses.

Posted by Grant Havers on Apr 14, 2008.

When I responded by posting my name, location and phone number:

It’s so sad that Neo-Nazi agent provocateurs lack the guts to post their real names, and must steal the good name of Taku. The “master race” is cowardly and moronic in equal doses.

Posted by Grant Havers on Apr 14, 2008.

Alex Linder
Kirksville, Missouri
660 665 8210

I posted first under my own name many times, making factual, substantial posts. No insults. All posts were deleted.

You’re the coward, Havers. Like your boss and the jews who run him.

Posted by TPP on Apr 14, 2008.

Grant Havers waited maybe an hour and then deleted it.

Like I say,

Paleocons are cowards and boughtlings.

There is no honor in them.

That's why they have no troubling toeing the jewish party line, even as they know it means the death of their kind and their country - the very things their philosophy tells them to protect.

As Joe Sobran said about Grant Havers and his ilk, "It was all a game, a way of making a living."

Immigration: The Facts Paleocons Don't Want Known

[Here’s a good example. This is a cut from a PhD essay proving that jews were the only force consistently pushing for a reversal of our White immigration policy. The desired reversal was achieved in 1965 and, well, you see the results. It means DEATH by chocolate for your posterity, which is exactly what the jews who build walls around Israel desire.]

The defeats of 1924 and 1952 did not prevent the ultimate victory of the Jewish interest in combating the cultural, political, and demographic dominance of the European-derived peoples of the United States. What is truly remarkable is the tenacity with which Jewish ethnic interests were pursued for a period of close to 100 years. Also remarkable was the ability to frame the argument of immigration-restrictionists in terms of racial superiority in the period from 1924-1965 rather than in such positive terms as the ethnic interests of the peoples of northern and western Europe in maintaining a status quo as of 1924.

During the period between 1924 and 1965 Jewish interests were largely thwarted, but this did not prevent the ultimate triumph of the Jewish perspective on immigration. In a very real sense the result of the immigration changes fostered by Jewish intellectual and political activity have constituted a long term victory over the political, demographic, and cultural representation of ‘the common people of the South and West’ (Higham 1984, 49) whose congressional delegates were in the forefront of the restrictionist forces.

Posted by Tkimag2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

Misrepresenting Jews to Christians: It's What Paleocons Do

Responding to my critics
Posted by Grant Havers on April 12, 2008

It appears that many of my readers are under the misapprehension that I was unfair to the pagan tradition, which undeniably contributed to the richness of Western civilization.

2) His insight that both Jews and Christians must live up to moral duties (love thine enemy, love the stranger) which are unthinkable to pagan cultures.

You really are full of shit.

Jews are under absolutely no compunction to love anybody but themselves, and that's just what they do. In fact, rabbis encourage jews to spit every time they pass a church. The old testament is nothing but jews running around murdering whoever their shit-god tells them to. Every holiday jews have is a celebration of their genocide of yet another hated nation. To jews, the world divides into two groups: the chosen, and anti-semites.

But keep lying to the rubes that jews are just like you and me, you piece of shit.

Here's a quotation from Ari Sharon Twinky McHavers won't be using anytime soon:

“We are Judeo-Nazis, and why not? If your nice, civilized parents, rather than writing books about their love for humanity had instead come to Israel and killed six million Arabs, what would have happened? Sure, two or three nasty pages would have been written in the history books, and we would have been called all sorts of names, but we would be here today as a people of 25 million! What you don’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”—Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon is a real jew, not some paleo twink who has to appease them to earn his daily bread.

If you subtract hate and racism from judaism there isn't anything left.

Posted by Tim Fuller on Apr 14, 2008.

Hey, Aaron, you wouldn’t by any chance be a jew, now, would you?

You know a member of the tribe known as nation-wreckers for the last 2,000 years?

And if you are a jew, why aren’t you labeled as such? Maybe yellow stars are passe, so a nice skull and bones poison alert will do.

The view that America was a hodgepodge of various nationalities and was not comprised of a distinct American nationality would have been deemed preposterous prior to Emma Lazarus.


But who was Emma Lazarus?

A filthy socialist.

But more than that, Emma Lazarus was a jew.

Jews wreck nations. The Romans said that 2,000 years ago. It remains true today. Taki abets these nation-wreckers because he’s a coward and a dilettante.

It seems to me that one can normatively define a nation without having to adhere to ideology or religios/racial/ethnic separatism. For example, one could say that the “U.S. is a Christian nation (a Protestant nation, but with considerable Catholic influence)”; and one could say: “the U.S. is predominantly an Anglo-European nation, but with recognizable minorities of Africans, Mestizos and Native Americans, and that immigration policy should reflect this historic balance.”

Hey, look at this. Is this the same kike polluting this site the way jewess Lazarus polluted the Statue of Liberty?

In 1989 an American-born Jew, Aaron Wolf, wrote a book about his experiences in the Israeli army. On one occasion after the killing of some Arab combatants, says the author, “I cornered Alon, the Chicagoan whose specialty is falling in love and who was one of the men on that patrol. ‘Hey, Alon,’ I said, ‘Tell me something. You’ve been trained as a medic. You’ve had a three-month course learning how to save lives. How do you feel now that you’ve killed somebody?’ ‘How do I feel?’ he said. ‘I feel hungry.’” [WOLF, A., p. 171]

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

Thanks to Dan for writing a follow-up piece.

I had asked for a definition of the “American nation,” if indeed there is one. What appears above, to my eyes at least, is a definition not of a nation but of “nationality.”

“American nationality is a specific historical compound of cultures, religions, lineages, and geography—just like other nations . . . “

I could be wrong, but it seems as if you are shying away from defining the nation per se: Stripped down, it reads “American nationality is a compound like other nations.”

A nation is a people united in some sense by birth, whereas nationality—in the American context, at least—tends toward the abstract. For there to be the sort of “traditional” nationalism that you suggest, there must be a circumscribed nation, one composed of these but not those. That nation will certainly have particular characteristics (a “nationality") but for a people to be “traditionally nationalist,” it must love itself, not a “compound.” “Nationalism” that is characterized by love of such a “compound” is itself ideological. Thus, Lukacs in your citation: “The American idea of nationality has been ideological.”

I see evidence of this in the reference to “our Pilgrim fathers.” If I am part of the “American nationality,” that means that they are my fathers, at least “mythically.” They are not. They are as much my “fathers” as they are the fathers of any illegal Mexican who is willing to love the aforementioned compound.

Posted by Aaron D. Wolf on Apr 14, 2008.

Hey, Aaron, you wouldn’t by any chance be a jew, now, would you?

You know a member of the tribe known as nation-wreckers for the last 2,000 years?

And if you are a jew, why aren’t you labeled as such? Maybe yellow stars are passe, so a nice skull and bones poison alert will do.
Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

The view that America was a hodgepodge of various nationalities and was not comprised of a distinct American nationality would have been deemed preposterous prior to Emma Lazarus.


But who was Emma Lazarus?

A filthy socialist.

But more than that, Emma Lazarus was a jew.

Jews wreck nations. The Romans said that 2,000 years ago. It remains true today. Taki abets these nation-wreckers because he’s a coward and a dilettante.
Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

Hey, look at this. Is this the same kike polluting this site the way jewess Lazarus polluted the Statue of Liberty?

In 1989 an American-born Jew, Aaron Wolf, wrote a book about his experiences in the Israeli army. On one occasion after the killing of some Arab combatants, says the author, “I cornered Alon, the Chicagoan whose specialty is falling in love and who was one of the men on that patrol. ‘Hey, Alon,’ I said, ‘Tell me something. You’ve been trained as a medic. You’ve had a three-month course learning how to save lives. How do you feel now that you’ve killed somebody?’ ‘How do I feel?’ he said. ‘I feel hungry.’” [WOLF, A., p. 171]
Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

We had a pro-American (read: White) immigration policy in the 20s. Guess which ethnic group went insane trying to change it? That’s right, jews. Then they failed. Four decades later, in 1965, they succeeded. Today we see the results around us.

What Americans think doesn’t matter the least to the jews running the country. They own our Congress, the own our media, and they’re going to do what they damn well please. The only way to fight them is for good White men to stand up against them. Otherwise the express train to the third world will steam ahead.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

It's not just in America either. The jew brother of the jew who drew those ridiculous Maus cartoons was instrumental in using Aboriginal cover to overturn the White Australia policy that kept immigration to that nation White.

Jews everywhere are a threat to Whites. They always pursue the same nation-wrecking policies no matter where they are.

The only conservative solution to America's problems is cashiering the jews who dictate to the rest of us.

Funny how things are these days. Even the conservatives have been brainwashed.

Hate the jews?

You’re darn right I do.

But it doesn’t change the fact that jews are the architects of our open borders, which results in millions of Whites being vicimized by violent crime each

year, and having to pay for these in thousands of ways.

Jews are also the architects of ‘civil rights’ that result in 40,000 White women being raped each year.

I’m not a brainwashed kook like you christian cowards, I defend myself and my kind.

Jews are at war with us, and they are using the blacks and mexicans to destroy our communities. Nothing you say, no prayer you utter, will change the facts.

Fighting back as Whites, against jews, is the only way to effect permanent, positive change.
Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

Hitler said that America had an unlikely future because it was half-judaized and half-nigger. He said that without ever hearing rap! Look around you and you can see what he meant.

American culture is precisely what ought to be junked. The good part of America is the white genetic material, of which a White nation could be formed - if the jewish dictators were removed and a white nationalist government put in place.

Just imagine what a wonderful country America would be without jews, blacks, or browns.

There’s not a person reading this who wouldn’t push a button to make that happen if he could. The question is why you allows evil jews, christian liars, and conservative boughtlings to talk you out of what you know is right and best.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

It’s so sad that Neo-Nazi agent provocateurs lack the guts to post their real names, and must steal the good name of Taku. The “master race” is cowardly and moronic in equal doses.

Posted by Grant Havers on Apr 14, 2008.

Alex Linder
Kirksville, Missouri
660 665 8210

I posted first under my own name many times, making factual, substantial posts. No insults. All posts were deleted.

You’re the coward, Havers. Like your boss and the jews who run him.
Posted by TPP on Apr 14, 2008.

And who murdered ol’ Jesus, your good buddy?

Was it jews?

Why I bet anything you’re going to share that blame.

That’s how it works. Jews cure one disease, we owe it them. Boy, I sure never heard jews thank us Whites for curing the rest of them.

So go on, Aaron. Who murdered Jesus?

Who said, “his blood be upon us and on our children”?
Posted by A. Linder on Apr 14, 2008.

[main link again - the Takimag 2.0 comments have been erased]

Mr. Linder - your strange tactics are revolting and unpleasant.

And I find your ways devious and unseemly, earthling.

I understand how pointing out that jews are behind changes in our immigration policy is extremely threatening to those with a vested interest in hiding the facts from honest white men who don’t have the time to track them down themselves.

But if that’s what the facts say, what do I do?

Pretend they don’t exist?

But then I’d be a coward like McCarthy and Havers.

Jews deliberately opened our borders to ‘elect a new people.’ Jews were the only significant pressure group pushing for the 1965 immigration act that turned America into a tarpit.

Jews hate White nations. They work to undermine them. In Australia and Europe just as in America. Those are the facts. They will not go away.

Neither will I.

Notice yet again, it’s not the readers who have a problem with factual, substantial posts. It’s the editors. They’re scared for their careers. They don’t want you to know that they can’t speak freely. They’re pwned by jews, and Takimag is just another liberal rag.

Someone has to point it out.

Posted by tmag2 on Apr 14, 2008.

McCarthy Says Screw You to Founders, I'll Side With The Powerful Jews

Further Notes on Nationalism

Posted by Daniel McCarthy on April 14, 2008

In the comments thread of my nationalism and patriotism piece, Aaron Wolf raises an important question: what is the American nation? Does a conservative nationalism have to be “white nationalism”?

I’ll answer the latter quickly by saying that conservative nationalism cannot be white nationalism, since white nationalism is contrary to the traits of the American character that conservatives want to preserve.

Boom! That's the sound of Daniel McCarthy flinging Thomas Jefferson out the window in the name of his false and jew-afeared conservatism.

Jefferson, like the rest of the founders, knew the truth about race, and he expressed it memorably and for all time when he said:

[The] two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

Why are these comments allowed to stand. Where is Spencer? Get these down now.

Posted by Paul Gottfried on Apr 14, 2008.

Any American nationalist, but especially a conservative one, is going to want to preserve as much as possible of this institutional and cultural patrimony.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with race, because it might hurt your income if you acknowledged it did.

Imagine an ant colony trying to integrate sloths and wolverines, and pretending there was no essential racial difference, it was just a matter of assimilating the sloths and wolverines in line with the cultural and institutional patrimony.

You can only carry off your pseudo-conservative jewish liberalism by denying there’s a genocidal race war being carried out against Whites.

McCarthy, you and your ilk have to look up to see the good men doing nothing. You’re not merely doing nothing, you’re actively aiding the bolshevik jews murdering America.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

The Only Tree Branch Out Of The Tarpit

Three Strategies for the Right
Posted by Daniel McCarthy on April 11, 2008

White identify is the only tree branch out of the tarpit.

Face it. Every group has interests, and every group has advocates and representatives. Except Whites.

How is White identify suppressed? By the jews running the media. They need whites for taxes and cannon fodder. For nothing else. The jews’ mission is to bring about white genocide by means of discrimination and miscegenation, both of which are pushed ruthlessly and around the clock. Look at what your daughters and sons are exposed to on tv and in the classroom. It is neo-Soviet, and it is designed to subdue and scatter your genes to the wind. Paleoconservatism without race is Helper without the hamburger.

The only place White men are treated with respect by our Jewish dictatorship is in commercials trying to recruit them for the military.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.


Paleoconservatism is the helper without the hamburger.

Orwell and the Vaunted, Artificial Distinction Between Nationalism and Patriotism

The distinction between nationalism and patriotism is merely jews attempting to say what's good when they do it is evil when you do it. America is run by jews, so our nationalism is veiled jewish nationalism. That's why our enemies in Iraq call our soldiers jews. They know who our boys are really fighting for, whereas our boys often don't. At least not until they get there.

The jews lie that white nationalists are evil, hateful extremists who want to roll back civil rights. But if the price of civil rights, as the jews euphemistically describe their dictatorship, is 40,000 White women raped each year by liberated blacks, then civil rights is no more than terrorism by a pretty name. And of course, the rapes are but one of a thousand negatives springing from the jewish communist takeover in the mid-sixties.

Abusing Patriotism
Posted by Daniel Larison on April 14, 2008

Dan has written a strong case against the criticisms of nationalism that I and others have leveled in recent weeks, and I have already responded to some of his points elsewhere, but in this post I want to address the criticisms of Orwell’s overly broad definition of nationalism. Then in the next post I will consider this idea of “hubristic patriotism” and specifically the claim that the attack on paleoconservatives for their lack of patriotism was enabled by such a “hubristic patriotism.”

Yeah, lots of words here.

You’re correct that Orwell was assing when he conjured distinctions that were matters of opinion rather than fact.

Nationalism that matters is based on race. And it’s about self-protection, not slaughtering others. Well, White nationalism, that is. Jewish nationalism, which is the nationalism of the ruling power + the Freepertards is what you’re against. You just won’t name it properly.

White nationalism advocates racial separatism as a cure for the degeneracy of the multicultural failure jews have made of America. It advocates and end to the terrorism called called civil rights that sees 40,000 White women raped by blacks EACH YEAR.

Jewish nationalism, by contrast, is all about expanding Israel’s territory and humiliating anyone jews gain control over.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

Taki Blames Muslims Rather Than Jews Who Let Them In

Jew Jack Straw controls immigration to Britain. You don't know this because you read paleocon journals that focus on symptoms rather than disease. Blaming Muslims for England's problems is like blaming blacks and Mexicans for America's. It's not wrong, but it doesn't go deep enough. The nature of these beasts is known. Who was it, then, who allowed these things into the countries, gave them equal rights, shielded them from criticism in the media. Why, it was the jews. No one but. The jews own the media, the jews hold the immigration ministries, the jews are about 90% of countries' ambassadors to one another, the jews conceived 'hate' as a political curse and banned subdivision of free speech. Muslim terrorists and black criminals may be the symptoms, but JEW IS THE DISEASE.

Abu in London
Posted by Taki Theodoracopulos on April 14, 2008

Britain's real terrorists are the jews like Jack Straw controlling immigration policy and admitting their Semitic muslim brothers in the first place, then covering up the murders and gang-rapes these raghead savages commmit, and publicizing only their objections to judaism.

There's only one solution to terrorism, and that is separate the British from the jews and the muslims by kicking their sorry semitic asses to the kerb.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

The British don’t control Britain, the jews do. You can’t speak against the ruling regime or you get thrown in jail. The best British writer going is Luke O’Farrell. Way too hot for Takimag.

Posted by Shall Be Slaves on Apr 14, 2008.

Seitz Encourages Takimag Readers to Assert His Stolen-Cartoon Copyright

Angry grandpa Russell Seitz encourages his readers to notify TMZ, Google, the FBI, Wikipedia, the UN, the ADL, and, just in case these fail, the League of Superheroes to see that justice is done, and the copyright inhering in his shittier mashup of two shitty commercial cartoons is protected as a bug in a pug.

‘ In solidarnoscz with Steyn, the author is busy drawing a cartoon of a Polish Viking helmet(horns on the inside) for a charity auction for his legal defense, but has asked Boris Badenov’s diminutive but diligent staff secretary Natasha to remind readers they are authorized to defend his copyrighted work against anonymous Instablog hijacking The anonymous villains may be foiled by faxing a note to Blogspot, Google,etc. along these lines:

“Dear Blogspot:

Copyrighted work appears without permission of the original author or artist at:

I believe in good faith belief that use of the copyrighted material described above on the allegedly infringing web page is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law and attest the information in the notification is accurate and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.”

Sign providing information reasonably sufficient to permit Blogspot/Google to contact you (email address is preferred) and Fax or physically mail your note.

Is not necessary to copy to fearless leader as he is reading all mail anyway and is already plenty bored with writing memoranda to Ministry of Medium Troll Whacking Machinery.

Posted by RS on Apr 13, 2008.

Will his campaign fail? Will it succeed? We're laughing too hard to notice.


The dreaded copyright threat!

I’m melllllltttttiiinnnnnnnggggg!

Posted by Save Me From Granpa Russ! on Apr 14, 2008.

The Glutician and the Geisha

Okay, okay, I admit it: I, too, am bitter. What else would one expect an Obama-con to be?

I know we’re not supposed to be negative, at least according to Hillary, who “seems to have switched her narrative around,” as one wag put it. In the Brave New World Hillary/McCain are building for us—a world of mandatory health insurance for 20-year-olds and permanent war—we’re to go to our graves smiling, or the Powers That Be want to know the reason why.

Yes, I’m bitter, dammit. And who can blame me? Look, I’m not hard to please: all I ask is a simple cabin in the woods, a Spartan abode to retire to and write my memoir of a misspent youth. And now that I’ve finally received my modest inheritance, my dream, I thought, was within reach—especially with the collapse in the real estate market. Surely there are some real bargains out there, I assumed, even here in California, land of super-inflated real estate prices. Ah, not so fast....


You don’t want a spartan abode, you want a Spartan.

Posted by Hellraiser? No. Shirtraiser. on Apr 14,

Hey, Dennis. I’m writing a musical in your and Yoshi’s honor. Itz called

The Glutician and the Geisha

I hope you sweeties will do me the honor of attending opening night.

Posted by Oscar Wildebeest on Apr 14, 2008.

Readers of Takimag might not realize that Justin Raimondo is a queer named Dennis. He has a girlfriend who's actually a boy. The boy is Japanese. His name is Yoshi. Say hi to Yoshi, folks.

Yoshi and Dennis. What a beautiful idea.

The glutician and his geisha seek an abode that they might sodomize amongst the pines.

Stuff Paleocons Like: Calling Jews Nazis

Nothing fills a paleocoward's heart with joy like calling a neocon a Nazi. Particularly if the neocon in question is a jew, which is about 97% of the time. The practice is universal among the paleocons. It began, most likely, with Paul Craig Roberts, who is infamous for calling jews brownshirts and equating the Republican Party with the German national socialist worker's party. Today, April 14, Taki Theodoracoplos picks up the thread. But it could be vitually any paleocon. Cur see, cur do. There probably isn't a single non-neocon conservative out there who hasn't played this threadbare trick on his readers.

Paleocons are essentially women. They like the appearance of risk, but the reality of security. It's always, always, always safety first and everything else last. What could be more prudent? And prudence is a virtue. Pretty much the only virtue. As vinegar is to cleaning solutions, so is prudence to paleocons. Black crime? Loxism? Open borders? Prudence gets it out.

Calling neocons Nazis allows the paleocon to attack the neocon while securing himself against charges of anti-Semitism. The pseudo-irony of the inversion affords the paleo-accuser a delicious feeling of cleverness. Look, mom, did you see what I just did?

It's pathetic, really. Men who fear -- and fear is what's behind this ubiquitous inversion -- to call things by their proper name do more damage than they realize. Neocons are not Nazis. They are jews or turned whiteskins who shill for jewish policies. To refer to neocons as Nazis isn't merely inaccurate, it's insulting to the real Nazis, who were far better men than American paleoconservatives. The real Nazis didn't side with jews, shill for them, or pretend to oppose them. Real Nazis fought the original neocons, who back in those days were called communists. The Nazis fought 'Judeo-Bolshevism' of precisely the type that dominates the politics of the entire West, possibly excluding Russia.

It is said that a measure of a man's character is how he treats those who can't injure him. By this standard, paleocons are shown to be cowards. The Nazis are dead and gone. They can't threaten Richard Spencer's career prospects. So it's safe to dump on them. Safe to attribute to them positions they not only didn't hold but positions -- and people -- they fought against.

Instead of exhibiting courage and proper leadership, the paleocons model cowardice and hypocrisy soon reflected in their readers, as apparent in many of the posts appearing in their comment section. So the dirty thing breeds upon itself, and in time produces the skunk cabbage that is non-neocon conservatism in 2008.

The Shielding Jew

You can never have too much anti-anti-semitism insurance. It's not enough simply to call jews you oppose Nazis, rather than the jews they actually are. To indemnify yourself above and beyond, you must take the ultimate step: employing a house jew. In the case of Takimag, the house jew is Paul Gottfried. His original name was Saul, but he changed it the better to fit in with the Catholics he'd be working among. Your house jew is the perfect way to deflect charges of anti-Semitism. He is given free rein to say anything he likes about his people. Certainly he can go above and beyond anything a non-jew dares. The house jew is the one who will handle the deepest issues of race and jews. He's essentially the outreach director for the paleocon or traditionalist libertarian site, or even for the kosher racialist site. He will insure that his people's interests and party line are upheld. This is his true mission. The paleocons, libertarians and kosher white nationalists value him because his presence deflects the serious heat that comes down when someone takes on the jews directly. The shielding jew is a middleman, an interpreter. He can translate jew into English, conservatism, Americanism, whatever language is required. And he goes the other way too.

Any organ or political body that does not explicitly exclude jews in time will be taken over by them. That is a reliable rule of politics. Those who admit jews on equal terms, or even on unequal terms, always end by pushing the jewish agenda. Even when they think they're pushing their own.

Paul Gottfried's presence ensures that Takimag will be allowed to operate without interference. He will see to it that they stick to the Semitically Correct position on race: that race doesn't matter. That we're all equals. That conservatism in any form has nothing to do with race. He will further see to it that the Macdonaldian view of the 20th century will never prevail over the technocractic explain-all. That is, he will point to neutral, non-human explanations for why America evolved as it did over the last 150 years, rather than point to the rise of a jewish elite jewing America -- in immigration, domestic, and foreign policies -- to serve its own ethnic agenda.

Paul Gottfried is the shielding jew for the respectable far-right. His role is to ensure that the far-right stays respectable. That means, it is allowed to grumble, but never to fight. It is allowed to remonstrate in race-neutral or inverted terms, but never to name and accuse. Jew Gottfried's service to the jewish community is to see to it that the right remains gelded. Like a traveling preacher, jew Gottfried rides the circuit. Monday through Wednesday he's at Takimag and Chronicles, keeping the paleocons circle-K. Thursday through Saturday he's inspecting the libertarians for taint. And Sunday he's over at AmRen, leading the "They Look White To Me" Hallelujah chorus.

Calling jews Nazis - jew Paul (Saul) Gottfried is the living embodiment of this shady, shabby trick.

Real conservatism, it should not be necessary to say but is, is rooted in extremely careful induction or deducation. Start with an idea, start with observations, but check your conclusions against reality. It is the jew who demands that honest men refrain from noticing that in the real world race does matter, the races are not equal, the races are incompatible. The jew passes laws to outlaw the expression of this observation. He doesn't quite have them in the United States yet, although that might change after the next election, but he does have them in Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

A conservative who agrees to go along with the jews in counterfeiting racial reality is dishonorable and forfeits the right to call himself a conservative. Nor can he excuse his cowardice by disguising it as prudence.


What Taki said:

Here are the same people who convinced the Bush administration that invading Iraq would be a slam dunk, and are responsible for the greatest American foreign-policy disaster ever, yet the senator from Arizona--an extremely decent and brave man--tells us that he includes them in the wide variety of people he is taking advice from. This is a no-no. It would be like Patton taking advice from Goering on how to deal with divided Berlin after the fall. McCain should stick with Colin Powell, certainly John Lehman, definitely Richard Armitage and the like, but Robert Kagan? The Kagan brothers are to American foreign policy what the pox was to the city of London once upon a time--deadly. The kiss of death, of course, is William Kristol, along with the two bobsy twins, the Podhoretzes, and liver-lips Frum the bum. Once that slime works itself in the McCain camp, no amount of varnish and paint can get it out.

Taki pretends that McCain is honorable, and he pretends that McCain is not a neocon, and he pretends that taking advice from jews is like taking advice from Nazis. Wrong on all counts. McCain is a neocon. He does not set his own policies any more than Bush does. He takes them from Big Jew, ready made. Did he not, he wouldn't have the support of their media. Taki seems to be short for taking things at face value. A common problem among the paleocons, whom it pays never too deeply to inquire into the nature of things. Be assured, the jews own our Congress and our executive lock, stock, and barrel. The jews are the reason we are in Iraq, and if 'we' go into Iran, they'll be the reason for that, too. No group but the jews has the money, the organization, and the media to turn things in their favored direction. That will not change no matter who is elected. The jews are the real permanent bureaucracy.

It stands to reason that if jews control the media, and their agenda is hostile to the average white man's interests, this will show up in the comment sections on blogs. Which is the case. Look at any blog on the right and you will see that the comment-leavers are less politcally correct, less semitically correct, than the writers and editors. Why is this? Because their daily bread isn't dependent on acceding to jewish Big Lies about race and jews. When you keep in mind how strong the censorship is on the right, with virtually any serious criticism of jews deleted, the gap between the people and the press is even greater.


Ya gotta be kidding! McCain being subverted by the Neocons?

McCain’s the original Neocon (useful idiot variety, to be sure!).


Posted by Dan Hayes on Apr 13, 2008.

McCain is not just influenced by neocons. He is one. Just because his name isn’t Golbgerg or Fleischman doesn’t mean he isn’t.

Posted by Joe Allen on Apr 13, 2008.

Readers follow the pattern set by their betters:

McCain has a certain amount of courage but the electorate are morons. They will recall thinking McCain ran against Bush in 2000 so he must be ok. The neo-cons control the party and will do as ordered as all the good little Nazi minions did under Hitler.

Posted by John on Apr 14, 2008.

The neocons are the blood brothers jews who assassinated the Czar and overthrew Russia. They are the brain brothers of the jewish mafia that set up the USSR, and murdered tens of millions of innocent White men. The Nazis fought this system, while the US and Britain subsidized it. Their reward is to be smeared as neocons. Do the Nazis deserve less than other men? If they're as evil as claimed, surely it is possible to demonstrate this by reference to their actual behavior. But instead we see men thrown in prison who fail to observe legal taboos. And on a lower level, as demonstrated above, we see the little people turning Nazi into a generic curse-word, as taught them by their betters. Unfortunately their betters are cowards, unfit to shine the Nazis jackboots.

Until better men appear than we see now, the Whites' West will welter and wonder why.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anti-Northern Bigotry Trips Up Clyde "The Goat" Wilson

Clyde Wilson slips into his dotage muttering imprecations against the Evil Yankee, a category that seems to entail everyone north of him, and everyone to his south, east, or west he doesn't like. So far gone is he that he has asserted at Chronicles that America doesn't have a negro problem, it has a Northerner problem. Imagine an actual working class white guy who lived in a mixed neighborhood saying something that dumb. Unthinkable. Only high-IQ guys can make statements that stupid. But what is ordinary White behavior next to Southronist ideology? The Goat baahs; the facts yield.

Below is a variant of his theme. The original post, by Piatek, was about the decline of Detroit, which roughly 34/35 Chronically Correct Comment-droppers dutifully attributed to culture and economics rather than race. Only one made the classic mistake, satirically, of linking the former Paris of Middle America's untergang to blacks being blacks. Then ol' Clyde chipped in with thisClyde Wilson

Why does this sort of thing happen in places like Detroit but not in evil backward places like South Carolina and Mississippi?

He promptly got his ass kicked.


Go to and check out their list of the “top 100 least-safe cities (pop. 5000+).” Detroit is #30. Lancaster, S.C is #8 and Lake City, S.C. is #27. Atlanta is #13. Six of the “top 100 least safe cities” are in South Carolina, and most are in the South. In 2004, according to the census bureau, South Carolina had the highest violent crime rate of any U.S. state despite not having a single large city.

Although Southern whites on average are more violent and criminal than Northern whites, the primary reason for such facts is obvious to anyone with even a modicum of realism and honesty. Thomas Sowell and Prof. Wilson are both wrong in emphasizing culture. Neither “rednecks” nor “yankees” are to blame for the unique criminal tendencies of blacks. Blacks are blacks, whether they live in Detroit, South Carolina, Toronto, Haiti, London, Brazil, or darkest Africa.

Ouch. I would like to think The Goat retains a modicum of realism and honesty, but I can't prove it by his words concerning anything within a stone's throw of the penumbras emanating from any discussion involving race.

Better to ditch The Goat and instead take up his collection of John Calhoun's words. Calhoun knew from nigger, even though he was educated in the North. Too bad we can't bring the Iron Man back to life and stick him in front of The Goat and ask Wilson to repeat his foolish words. There's nothing worse than seeing an old man blanch and blush. Let us draw the veil of mercy over the scene.

Come on, Clyde. You can do better.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

_Not_ Censored at Takimag

You can't cite facts about jews at Takimag without having your post deleted. But you can insult non-jewish ethnic groups and gentiles as a whole without the slightest fear of censorship.

Jews are often accused by anti-semites of being “Money hungry”. In fact, 9 out of 10 Goys would stab their mother in the back for $1; and the Scots-Irish would do it for 50 cents.

Posted by pablo H on Nov 30, 2007.

One standard for jews, another standard for everybody else.

Takimag Censors Edmund Burke

You might think the genius most consider the founding father of modern conservatism could have his say in the pages of a paleoconservative magazine. You might think that, but you'd be wrong.

Multiple times Takimag has censored the following direct quotations from Edmund Burke concerning jews.

[The English revolutionaries] were not like Jew brokers, contending with each other who could best remedy with fraudulent circulation and depreciated paper the wretchedness and ruin brought on their country by their degenerate councils.

What a perfect quotation for our times, in which jewish financial 'geniuses,' i.e., swindlers, have counterfeited our currency and indebted our nation to China to the point of bankruptcy. But you'll see nary a scaredy-con use the quotation, no matter how apposite it is to the skulduggery of the noblemen of nose, Greenspan and Bernanke, both jews of course.

The next generation of the [French] nobility will resemble the artificers and clowns, and money-jobbers, usurers, and Jews, who will be always their fellows, metimes their masters.

Sarkozy, anyone? A jew now runs France and, mirabile dictu, the French now favor 'American' foreign policy - i.e., aggressive warring against any state that might threaten Israel. Again - perfect fodder, lying there unused because the conservatives are afraid to scoff or fight.

Are the church lands to be sold to Jews and jobbers or given to bribe new-invented municipal republics into a participation in sacrilege?

The jews don't need to own church lands when they already pwn the Pope. Vatican II signaled the end of the Catholic Catholic Church and the beginning of the Judeo-Catholicism.

Three damning quotes, three quotes never used by paleoconservatives who style themselves as opposition to the liberal regime. Three quotes the paleocons will not even allow to appear on their site as comments. Yes, it is true. The paleoconservatives censor Edmund Burke. If they won't defend their own kind, how will they defend anything else?

The bottom line is that every professional conservative must make a choice: am I with the jews, and thereby in opposition to my own kith and kin, or am I for my people, our ways, and our traditions? The conservative trucklers at Takimag have decided that selling out, and dressing their tergiversation in tepid jokes, is the path they'll follow. Semitically Correct = continued paychecks. The bottom line is the bank account, as every paleoconservative writer knows.

Yet the truth that was true 2,000 years ago remains. The jews, as the Roman said, are the enemy of all mankind. If you support jews, you're not only at odds with the founder of modern conservatism, you're de facto an enemy of your own people.

Moreover, you should be ashamed of yourself.

And so we induce the first tenet of paleoconservatism:

Thou shalt shield jews from all criticism.

Ravings, Obsessions and Fetishes: The Marks of the Jew-Critic

Ravis, often-times I want to post a link to an exceptional essay or blog post on here, only to be too embarrassed to do so due to the litany of hysterical anti-Jewish ravings of various commenters here. I think it’s worth it to censor.

Posted by Dominic on Apr 12, 2008.


Takimag is sprinkled with posts like the above. They are intended to reinforce the stereotype. You know - that anyone who criticizes jews is obsessed with them. Has a fetish, you might say. Which he or she expresses in raves, rants and diatribes.

Did you just point out that the concepts of 'hate' and 'racism' were both created by jews?

Stop raving.

Did you point out that jews were behind the 1965 immigration 'reform' that was intended to 'elect a new people'?

What are you, obsessed?

Did you mention that America sends Israel over ten million dollars a day? Every day?

It is clear that you have a jew fetish.

Please seek professional help immediately.

It's like the paleocons, and other liberals, reverse Mencken's dictum when it comes to the adherents of the Mosaic cosmogeny. There is only one way to look at a jew - up.

The coward knows that there is safety not only in numbers, but in cliches and stereotypes, which are numbers applied to terms, or usages. If 50,000 people say that jew-critics are obsessed, but only ten point out that jews literally wrote the hate laws used to persecute Whites, then it is clear to the average coward, pardon me, conservative, that it is better to side with the juggernaut. Being intelligent, the conservative, particularly the writers, disguises his cowardice in a joke.

Conservatives like to talk about prudence as a higher value, but in reality their prudence is little more than self-interested cowardice.

What do they exist to conserve? What do they exist to preserve? Musn't race have something to do with these?

Of course, but you will not be allowed to bring up the point at Takimag. Every foolish liberal spouting the nonsense that race is reducible to skin color will be allowed to post to his heart's content, but no serious adducing of racial facts, not opinion, facts, will be allowed. Factual postings on race, gibing or gibe-free, will be censored as soon as the Takimag editor sees them.

That it the state of conservatism today. Sticking to the facts makes you a head case worthy only of laughter and ostracism.

If you subtracted the snobs, climbers and cowards from conservatism you would end up with a negative number. If paleoonservatives were real men of the kind they celebrate in their words, it would have taken the jews more than two days to take over their foundations and magazines.

Takimag's Rule: Free Speech for Jews Only

The paleocons approach 'free speech,' the 'issue,' in precisely the same way as the neocons they affect to oppose. That is, their interest in free speech extends no further than seeing to it that jews are free to offend Muslims and Christians in whatever ways they see fit. Muslims and Christians, of course, are never free to offend jews, such as by citing jewish quotations, referring to jewish agendas or interests, or by pointing out actual jewish behavior.

Canada is notorious for censorship, but what the paleocons at Takimag will never tell you is that the only reason columnists are now writing about it is that the Muslims have begun to use jew-devised anti-speech laws against jews. When the laws are used as intended -- against Whites, by jews -- not a word of complaint is heard from paleocon or neocon or liberal. But when jew Ezra Levant or jew Mark Steyn come under threat, why, every single jewish columnist from Siberia long-way-'round to Vancouver writes multiple columns denouncing it.

Paleoconservatives, it is the theme of this blog, follow exactly the same taboos as the other liberals. No criticism of jews as a group, anywhere, ever. This is why paleoconservatives never make any progress. Paleoconservatives' entire history can be summed up in two words: Backwards, whining. Which would be a great title for a history of paleoconservatism.

Following our repost of what one 'Russell Seitz' posted at Takimag, we'll add a few extra comments as lead in to various posts that were censored by Richard Spencer or one of the other editors.

Banned In Frostbite Falls?
Posted by Russell Seitz on April 11, 2008

Masochistically pounding yet another spike into the forehead of the Canadian psyche, Alberta’s Human Rights, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism Act, prohibits publishing anything “likely to expose a person or class of persons to hatred or contempt.”

While reserving the right to lambaste Mark Steyn or anybody else showing symptoms of reflexive NeoCandiasis, we ought to stand up for his right to retaliate against us, which by extension means decrying the existence of the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission which in January, Reason reports :

“interrogated the Canadian journalist Ezra Levant about his decision to reprint the notorious Muhammad cartoons that originally appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Levant, the former publisher of the Western Standard, did not try to ingratiate himself. He called the commission “a sick joke” and dared the “thug” across the table to recommend that he face a hearing for offending Muslims.

Levant wanted to be convicted, since that would give him a chance to challenge the censorship that Canadian human rights commissions practice in the guise of fighting discrimination. “I do not want to be excused from this complaint because I was reasonable,” he told the officer. “It is not the government’s authority to tell me whether or not I’m reasonable.” That position has attracted broad support in Canada, where editorialists, columnists, activists, and legislators from across the political spectrum have criticized the commissions for threatening freedom of speech.

The national and regional commissions were established in the 1970s to vet complaints about illegal discrimination in employment, housing, and the provision of goods and services. But many of them have broad, ambiguous legal mandates that can be used to target controversial speech.”

You don’t have to subscribe to Mark’s views ,or the Canadian journals that publish them to strike a blow against these Mounty Python affronts to freedom of the press- Just buy your maple syrup on his side of the border- he is a New Hampshire refugee from censorship in the Big North .


The following are comments on the article above that were censored by Takimag.


Canada’s hate crimes laws were put in place by Jews. And they’d like to do the same thing here in the United States. The brouhaha over Flemming Rose is a big put on. He’s a Jew, not a Dane. He was deliberately stirring up the Muslims to make it look like they’re the prime offenders. Sure, the Muslims hate free speech, and certainly they don’t belong in Western lands. But the Jews are no different. And the Jews have roughly 10,000x the power the Muslims have. The very concept of ‘hate’ crime is the product of the twisted Jewish mind. So is the term ‘racism,’ which came from Jews Trotsky and Hirschfeld. These are concepts used to bind and destroy the White West by crippling their minds and taping their mouths. This is dead serious stuff, and ought to be treated seriously here at Takimag, but because the editors follow the same taboos as every other ‘respectable’ publication, the Jews are allowed to get away with murder.

Follow this link to a long list of men jailed, fined and harassed for nothing more than speaking their mind. This list includes many Canadians. All the media ever write about are two Jews, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. Jewish columnists, as in Europe, wish to give the reader the false impression that it is Muslims trying to censor people, and this is the bulk of the problem. But in fact Muslims did not write the anti-’hate’ laws, Jews did. Muslims are only now coming to make use of them, and the only reason the Jews in the media are complaining is that the ‘victims’ are Jews. In every one of the dozens of cases preceding the complaints against Levant and Steyn, the victim has been an ordinary White set on by, in most cases, Jews, and in a few, by legally privileged minorities such as homosexuals or some other group used as a tool by organized Jews. These are the facts of the matter, whether Takimag deletes them or not. They will not go away. Jews are behind ‘hate’ laws against free speech wherever these laws pop up, from real laws in Canada, to real laws in Australia, to proposed laws in the United States. Without Jewish support, these laws would not exist.


These are the victims of jew-written Canadian anti-’hate’ laws. They are White men persecuted by jews. They are never written about, because the aim of the global media is to portray jews, always, as victims, and never as what they really are: predators.

Canada: White victims of loxist anti-speech laws:

Paul Fromm
Marc Lemire
Terry Tremaine
Philippe Rushton
Tom Winnicki
Jason Ouwendyk
Jessica Beaumont
Alexan Kulbashian
Stephen Boissoin
Melissa Guille
Bill Noble

Not one of these men and women is ever mentioned in the global media. Why? Because they are White, and their oppressors are jews. Half of all syndicated columnists are jews, and jews have their own peculiar definition of free speech: they are free to critcize, mock, slander and smear anyone or group for any reason, but nobody is allowed to criticize them as a group - ever. This would be quaint and hypocritical except this double standard is written into the law in the Whites’ West.

A full slate of White victims of loxism here:


Takimag's Russell Seitz makes fun of the idea that Steyn is a jew, however Jew Lawrence Auster says Mark Steyn has affirmed on his own website that he is of jewish descent, [although jew Steyn subsequently removed his statement].


What could more unseemly than a 65-year-old man, as Seitz seems to be, using cartoon graphics related to a serious issue? This foolishness speaks to the lack of gravitas at the heart of the paleoconservative being. You have jews running immigration in Canada and letting in the Third World as fast as it can deplane. You have jews passing laws -- and celebrating these laws in the media -- that prevent Whites from making any untoward comments about these new "Canadians." Then, when there is enough diversity that it gets ideas of its own, the jew gets a tiny shard of blowback in the form of its own Semitic brothers using its own Semitic censorship against him.

Does the "independent" Takimag point out the irony? Heck no. It follows the same taboos the rest of the liberals do. Jews must only be portrayed as victims, never as perps. Takimag, truly, in the dismissive words of Willmoore Kendall directed at Buckley's project, is "just another liberal rag." Whites must look elsewhere to learn what is really going on, and what is really in their interests.

Marcus Epstein, Chibrew #1

As their pumps begin to come up dry in America, jews look for fresh fields in China. Hence the rise of the Chibrew - the Chinese Hebrew. Marcus Epstein is first of this kind. As a jew, naturally his contributions are welcomed at the ostensibly right-wing sites, including as well as Takimag. Being jewish is like a universal credential: it not only gets you in everywhere, it forestalls all criticism. There is no such thing as a right-wing or left-wing jew. Left and right are but faces meant to fool the goyish conservatives, who think that because they identify with and protect a certain position, the jews do too. Incorrect. Jews see political positions as so many guises to hide behind. Whichever accomplishes their agenda the quickest is the mask they'll adopt. Put another way, Whites like you reading this have principles. Jews don't. Their only principle is that whatever is "good for jews" is all that matters.

In years to come, as America's decrepitude increases, you can expect to see more and more Chibrews appear. Intermarrying with a new host in order to gain camouflage, jews will increasingly turn to China and Asia for newer and more lucrative swindling opportunities. Bet on it.


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