Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zamfirak Loves Unaborted 'Lacks

Abortion isn’t racist against blacks, if anything those who push abortion most are in general racist toward whites. It’s just that the ideas of leftism so dominate debate because of their control of the media and schools that people feel compelled to resort to liberal arguments. We can’t fight a war unless we paint it in terms of political correctness. Muslim terrorists lard their press releases with the sort of quasi-Marxism that has been flowing from our universities for decades, etc.

Posted by John Smith on Apr 16, 2008.

For all my sins, I do not envy them their moment at the “fearsome judgment seat of Christ.”
Posted by John Zmirak on Apr 16, 2008.

On the other hand, all dogs go to heaven. Good news for you, Greasy John.

Posted by R.C. Stove on Apr 17, 2008.

Zamfirak tootles, and the real world disappears. Ah, the Catholic pan flute. Who can resist its mellifluous waverings?

Quality and biology, as the papists insist, do not apply to people.

Hey, Zammy: How many abortion ‘doctors’ aren’t jewish?

Posted by Pete Moss on Apr 17, 2008.

Let’s face it. Everybody reading this site knows the more niggers aborted, the better for all us humans.

Niggers rape 40,000 white women a year. Taki has put out the word that this fact is NOT to be allowed on his site.

Why? Answer the question yourself.

Takimag is part of the controlled opposition to the ruling regime. It appears to be at odds with things as they are, yet in no serious particular does it

diverge from the rulers’ party line.

Readers ask time and time again what paleocons’ point is? What’s the mission of this site and this philosophy?

Never is this question answered because the answer would give the game away.

Takimag, Takimag
Just another useless
liberal rag.

As always, learn what Takimag wants hidden at Takimag 2.0

And remember what Joe Sobran said about professional conservatism:

“It was all a game; a way of making a living.”

John Zmirak opposes abortion. He just won’t tell you that it’s legal because jews dominate law schools and the media. Nor will he tell you that nearly all abortion providers are jews.

You see what Sobran meant?

Posted by M.I. on Apr 17, 2008.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the young gentleman of nose whether he prefers to be referred to as a Chibrew or a Chike?

Posted by Lamont Snooley on Apr 17, 2008.

I would like to request of the Catholic gentlemen who frequent this site that they encourage my mistress to douche. It’s been months now. The purulent discharge here admitted, while impressive, in no way substitutes for the real thing. Thank you.

Posted by Sid's Cuntlips on Apr 17, 2008.

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Teresa Guiccioli said...

Oy Vey I got banned from SWPL blog. I may have been banned for quite some time, haven't tried posting for a while- today tried and got a blank page with 'discarded' on it .

As if it is all so serious- a site supposedly satirizing Whites. Guess I didn't fit in with the site's agenda, even in a relatively benign, humorous way-

I mean, who are these officious little non-officially-homo fags?- no dissent, no debate, can't ask them what they are about, what their purpose is, can't even kid around in a light way. How does life not totally SUCK being that way? Or is suckiness the point?