Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anti-Northern Bigotry Trips Up Clyde "The Goat" Wilson

Clyde Wilson slips into his dotage muttering imprecations against the Evil Yankee, a category that seems to entail everyone north of him, and everyone to his south, east, or west he doesn't like. So far gone is he that he has asserted at Chronicles that America doesn't have a negro problem, it has a Northerner problem. Imagine an actual working class white guy who lived in a mixed neighborhood saying something that dumb. Unthinkable. Only high-IQ guys can make statements that stupid. But what is ordinary White behavior next to Southronist ideology? The Goat baahs; the facts yield.

Below is a variant of his theme. The original post, by Piatek, was about the decline of Detroit, which roughly 34/35 Chronically Correct Comment-droppers dutifully attributed to culture and economics rather than race. Only one made the classic mistake, satirically, of linking the former Paris of Middle America's untergang to blacks being blacks. Then ol' Clyde chipped in with thisClyde Wilson

Why does this sort of thing happen in places like Detroit but not in evil backward places like South Carolina and Mississippi?

He promptly got his ass kicked.


Go to and check out their list of the “top 100 least-safe cities (pop. 5000+).” Detroit is #30. Lancaster, S.C is #8 and Lake City, S.C. is #27. Atlanta is #13. Six of the “top 100 least safe cities” are in South Carolina, and most are in the South. In 2004, according to the census bureau, South Carolina had the highest violent crime rate of any U.S. state despite not having a single large city.

Although Southern whites on average are more violent and criminal than Northern whites, the primary reason for such facts is obvious to anyone with even a modicum of realism and honesty. Thomas Sowell and Prof. Wilson are both wrong in emphasizing culture. Neither “rednecks” nor “yankees” are to blame for the unique criminal tendencies of blacks. Blacks are blacks, whether they live in Detroit, South Carolina, Toronto, Haiti, London, Brazil, or darkest Africa.

Ouch. I would like to think The Goat retains a modicum of realism and honesty, but I can't prove it by his words concerning anything within a stone's throw of the penumbras emanating from any discussion involving race.

Better to ditch The Goat and instead take up his collection of John Calhoun's words. Calhoun knew from nigger, even though he was educated in the North. Too bad we can't bring the Iron Man back to life and stick him in front of The Goat and ask Wilson to repeat his foolish words. There's nothing worse than seeing an old man blanch and blush. Let us draw the veil of mercy over the scene.

Come on, Clyde. You can do better.


The Catholic Hammer said...

It's not that the Negroes are completely wild, ruthless, and sub-human.

I stand by my convictions that the Negro is as much a human as you or I.

owever, I understand that the Negro, in general, has a lower IQ than the average White person. This means the Negro, in general, must be in a subservient position to the White man (although there would be some rare instances of White men serving Negroes); that is, the "Negro Problem" of America is simply a manifestation of Revolution: "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity".

Today's modern "conservatives" can not fully come to terms with their true ancestors: not as much Edmund Burke as the liberals of the "Austrian School", and the liberal Nativists (e.g. groups such as the Ku Klux Klan), and the liberal socialists at National Review.

Boiling Pot said...

"Calhoun knew from nigger"?

The expressions to "not know from" and "to know from" are pure yiddische. I don't want to see no more of this!

James McLaren said...

The expressions to "not know from" and "to know from" are pure yiddische.

I know that. You gotta imagine me saying it with a yid accent.

Boiling Pot said...

It's one year later, and I am still enjoying takimag version 2.0.