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Stuff Paleocons Like: Calling Jews Nazis

Nothing fills a paleocoward's heart with joy like calling a neocon a Nazi. Particularly if the neocon in question is a jew, which is about 97% of the time. The practice is universal among the paleocons. It began, most likely, with Paul Craig Roberts, who is infamous for calling jews brownshirts and equating the Republican Party with the German national socialist worker's party. Today, April 14, Taki Theodoracoplos picks up the thread. But it could be vitually any paleocon. Cur see, cur do. There probably isn't a single non-neocon conservative out there who hasn't played this threadbare trick on his readers.

Paleocons are essentially women. They like the appearance of risk, but the reality of security. It's always, always, always safety first and everything else last. What could be more prudent? And prudence is a virtue. Pretty much the only virtue. As vinegar is to cleaning solutions, so is prudence to paleocons. Black crime? Loxism? Open borders? Prudence gets it out.

Calling neocons Nazis allows the paleocon to attack the neocon while securing himself against charges of anti-Semitism. The pseudo-irony of the inversion affords the paleo-accuser a delicious feeling of cleverness. Look, mom, did you see what I just did?

It's pathetic, really. Men who fear -- and fear is what's behind this ubiquitous inversion -- to call things by their proper name do more damage than they realize. Neocons are not Nazis. They are jews or turned whiteskins who shill for jewish policies. To refer to neocons as Nazis isn't merely inaccurate, it's insulting to the real Nazis, who were far better men than American paleoconservatives. The real Nazis didn't side with jews, shill for them, or pretend to oppose them. Real Nazis fought the original neocons, who back in those days were called communists. The Nazis fought 'Judeo-Bolshevism' of precisely the type that dominates the politics of the entire West, possibly excluding Russia.

It is said that a measure of a man's character is how he treats those who can't injure him. By this standard, paleocons are shown to be cowards. The Nazis are dead and gone. They can't threaten Richard Spencer's career prospects. So it's safe to dump on them. Safe to attribute to them positions they not only didn't hold but positions -- and people -- they fought against.

Instead of exhibiting courage and proper leadership, the paleocons model cowardice and hypocrisy soon reflected in their readers, as apparent in many of the posts appearing in their comment section. So the dirty thing breeds upon itself, and in time produces the skunk cabbage that is non-neocon conservatism in 2008.

The Shielding Jew

You can never have too much anti-anti-semitism insurance. It's not enough simply to call jews you oppose Nazis, rather than the jews they actually are. To indemnify yourself above and beyond, you must take the ultimate step: employing a house jew. In the case of Takimag, the house jew is Paul Gottfried. His original name was Saul, but he changed it the better to fit in with the Catholics he'd be working among. Your house jew is the perfect way to deflect charges of anti-Semitism. He is given free rein to say anything he likes about his people. Certainly he can go above and beyond anything a non-jew dares. The house jew is the one who will handle the deepest issues of race and jews. He's essentially the outreach director for the paleocon or traditionalist libertarian site, or even for the kosher racialist site. He will insure that his people's interests and party line are upheld. This is his true mission. The paleocons, libertarians and kosher white nationalists value him because his presence deflects the serious heat that comes down when someone takes on the jews directly. The shielding jew is a middleman, an interpreter. He can translate jew into English, conservatism, Americanism, whatever language is required. And he goes the other way too.

Any organ or political body that does not explicitly exclude jews in time will be taken over by them. That is a reliable rule of politics. Those who admit jews on equal terms, or even on unequal terms, always end by pushing the jewish agenda. Even when they think they're pushing their own.

Paul Gottfried's presence ensures that Takimag will be allowed to operate without interference. He will see to it that they stick to the Semitically Correct position on race: that race doesn't matter. That we're all equals. That conservatism in any form has nothing to do with race. He will further see to it that the Macdonaldian view of the 20th century will never prevail over the technocractic explain-all. That is, he will point to neutral, non-human explanations for why America evolved as it did over the last 150 years, rather than point to the rise of a jewish elite jewing America -- in immigration, domestic, and foreign policies -- to serve its own ethnic agenda.

Paul Gottfried is the shielding jew for the respectable far-right. His role is to ensure that the far-right stays respectable. That means, it is allowed to grumble, but never to fight. It is allowed to remonstrate in race-neutral or inverted terms, but never to name and accuse. Jew Gottfried's service to the jewish community is to see to it that the right remains gelded. Like a traveling preacher, jew Gottfried rides the circuit. Monday through Wednesday he's at Takimag and Chronicles, keeping the paleocons circle-K. Thursday through Saturday he's inspecting the libertarians for taint. And Sunday he's over at AmRen, leading the "They Look White To Me" Hallelujah chorus.

Calling jews Nazis - jew Paul (Saul) Gottfried is the living embodiment of this shady, shabby trick.

Real conservatism, it should not be necessary to say but is, is rooted in extremely careful induction or deducation. Start with an idea, start with observations, but check your conclusions against reality. It is the jew who demands that honest men refrain from noticing that in the real world race does matter, the races are not equal, the races are incompatible. The jew passes laws to outlaw the expression of this observation. He doesn't quite have them in the United States yet, although that might change after the next election, but he does have them in Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

A conservative who agrees to go along with the jews in counterfeiting racial reality is dishonorable and forfeits the right to call himself a conservative. Nor can he excuse his cowardice by disguising it as prudence.


What Taki said:

Here are the same people who convinced the Bush administration that invading Iraq would be a slam dunk, and are responsible for the greatest American foreign-policy disaster ever, yet the senator from Arizona--an extremely decent and brave man--tells us that he includes them in the wide variety of people he is taking advice from. This is a no-no. It would be like Patton taking advice from Goering on how to deal with divided Berlin after the fall. McCain should stick with Colin Powell, certainly John Lehman, definitely Richard Armitage and the like, but Robert Kagan? The Kagan brothers are to American foreign policy what the pox was to the city of London once upon a time--deadly. The kiss of death, of course, is William Kristol, along with the two bobsy twins, the Podhoretzes, and liver-lips Frum the bum. Once that slime works itself in the McCain camp, no amount of varnish and paint can get it out.

Taki pretends that McCain is honorable, and he pretends that McCain is not a neocon, and he pretends that taking advice from jews is like taking advice from Nazis. Wrong on all counts. McCain is a neocon. He does not set his own policies any more than Bush does. He takes them from Big Jew, ready made. Did he not, he wouldn't have the support of their media. Taki seems to be short for taking things at face value. A common problem among the paleocons, whom it pays never too deeply to inquire into the nature of things. Be assured, the jews own our Congress and our executive lock, stock, and barrel. The jews are the reason we are in Iraq, and if 'we' go into Iran, they'll be the reason for that, too. No group but the jews has the money, the organization, and the media to turn things in their favored direction. That will not change no matter who is elected. The jews are the real permanent bureaucracy.

It stands to reason that if jews control the media, and their agenda is hostile to the average white man's interests, this will show up in the comment sections on blogs. Which is the case. Look at any blog on the right and you will see that the comment-leavers are less politcally correct, less semitically correct, than the writers and editors. Why is this? Because their daily bread isn't dependent on acceding to jewish Big Lies about race and jews. When you keep in mind how strong the censorship is on the right, with virtually any serious criticism of jews deleted, the gap between the people and the press is even greater.


Ya gotta be kidding! McCain being subverted by the Neocons?

McCain’s the original Neocon (useful idiot variety, to be sure!).


Posted by Dan Hayes on Apr 13, 2008.

McCain is not just influenced by neocons. He is one. Just because his name isn’t Golbgerg or Fleischman doesn’t mean he isn’t.

Posted by Joe Allen on Apr 13, 2008.

Readers follow the pattern set by their betters:

McCain has a certain amount of courage but the electorate are morons. They will recall thinking McCain ran against Bush in 2000 so he must be ok. The neo-cons control the party and will do as ordered as all the good little Nazi minions did under Hitler.

Posted by John on Apr 14, 2008.

The neocons are the blood brothers jews who assassinated the Czar and overthrew Russia. They are the brain brothers of the jewish mafia that set up the USSR, and murdered tens of millions of innocent White men. The Nazis fought this system, while the US and Britain subsidized it. Their reward is to be smeared as neocons. Do the Nazis deserve less than other men? If they're as evil as claimed, surely it is possible to demonstrate this by reference to their actual behavior. But instead we see men thrown in prison who fail to observe legal taboos. And on a lower level, as demonstrated above, we see the little people turning Nazi into a generic curse-word, as taught them by their betters. Unfortunately their betters are cowards, unfit to shine the Nazis jackboots.

Until better men appear than we see now, the Whites' West will welter and wonder why.

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