Saturday, April 12, 2008

Marcus Epstein, Chibrew #1

As their pumps begin to come up dry in America, jews look for fresh fields in China. Hence the rise of the Chibrew - the Chinese Hebrew. Marcus Epstein is first of this kind. As a jew, naturally his contributions are welcomed at the ostensibly right-wing sites, including as well as Takimag. Being jewish is like a universal credential: it not only gets you in everywhere, it forestalls all criticism. There is no such thing as a right-wing or left-wing jew. Left and right are but faces meant to fool the goyish conservatives, who think that because they identify with and protect a certain position, the jews do too. Incorrect. Jews see political positions as so many guises to hide behind. Whichever accomplishes their agenda the quickest is the mask they'll adopt. Put another way, Whites like you reading this have principles. Jews don't. Their only principle is that whatever is "good for jews" is all that matters.

In years to come, as America's decrepitude increases, you can expect to see more and more Chibrews appear. Intermarrying with a new host in order to gain camouflage, jews will increasingly turn to China and Asia for newer and more lucrative swindling opportunities. Bet on it.

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Boiling Pot said...

Chozens turning to Asia,China, or any nonwestern people/nation to promote their interests and continued wellbeing represents a sea change, if you ask me. This is unprecedented as far as I know. Yes, there are the falashas (?) but I think that was religious conversion without any miscegenation and their history is lost in the mists of time, anyway.

Could this be an act of desperation?