Monday, April 14, 2008

Immigration: The Facts Paleocons Don't Want Known

[Here’s a good example. This is a cut from a PhD essay proving that jews were the only force consistently pushing for a reversal of our White immigration policy. The desired reversal was achieved in 1965 and, well, you see the results. It means DEATH by chocolate for your posterity, which is exactly what the jews who build walls around Israel desire.]

The defeats of 1924 and 1952 did not prevent the ultimate victory of the Jewish interest in combating the cultural, political, and demographic dominance of the European-derived peoples of the United States. What is truly remarkable is the tenacity with which Jewish ethnic interests were pursued for a period of close to 100 years. Also remarkable was the ability to frame the argument of immigration-restrictionists in terms of racial superiority in the period from 1924-1965 rather than in such positive terms as the ethnic interests of the peoples of northern and western Europe in maintaining a status quo as of 1924.

During the period between 1924 and 1965 Jewish interests were largely thwarted, but this did not prevent the ultimate triumph of the Jewish perspective on immigration. In a very real sense the result of the immigration changes fostered by Jewish intellectual and political activity have constituted a long term victory over the political, demographic, and cultural representation of ‘the common people of the South and West’ (Higham 1984, 49) whose congressional delegates were in the forefront of the restrictionist forces.

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