Saturday, April 12, 2008

Takimag Censors Edmund Burke

You might think the genius most consider the founding father of modern conservatism could have his say in the pages of a paleoconservative magazine. You might think that, but you'd be wrong.

Multiple times Takimag has censored the following direct quotations from Edmund Burke concerning jews.

[The English revolutionaries] were not like Jew brokers, contending with each other who could best remedy with fraudulent circulation and depreciated paper the wretchedness and ruin brought on their country by their degenerate councils.

What a perfect quotation for our times, in which jewish financial 'geniuses,' i.e., swindlers, have counterfeited our currency and indebted our nation to China to the point of bankruptcy. But you'll see nary a scaredy-con use the quotation, no matter how apposite it is to the skulduggery of the noblemen of nose, Greenspan and Bernanke, both jews of course.

The next generation of the [French] nobility will resemble the artificers and clowns, and money-jobbers, usurers, and Jews, who will be always their fellows, metimes their masters.

Sarkozy, anyone? A jew now runs France and, mirabile dictu, the French now favor 'American' foreign policy - i.e., aggressive warring against any state that might threaten Israel. Again - perfect fodder, lying there unused because the conservatives are afraid to scoff or fight.

Are the church lands to be sold to Jews and jobbers or given to bribe new-invented municipal republics into a participation in sacrilege?

The jews don't need to own church lands when they already pwn the Pope. Vatican II signaled the end of the Catholic Catholic Church and the beginning of the Judeo-Catholicism.

Three damning quotes, three quotes never used by paleoconservatives who style themselves as opposition to the liberal regime. Three quotes the paleocons will not even allow to appear on their site as comments. Yes, it is true. The paleoconservatives censor Edmund Burke. If they won't defend their own kind, how will they defend anything else?

The bottom line is that every professional conservative must make a choice: am I with the jews, and thereby in opposition to my own kith and kin, or am I for my people, our ways, and our traditions? The conservative trucklers at Takimag have decided that selling out, and dressing their tergiversation in tepid jokes, is the path they'll follow. Semitically Correct = continued paychecks. The bottom line is the bank account, as every paleoconservative writer knows.

Yet the truth that was true 2,000 years ago remains. The jews, as the Roman said, are the enemy of all mankind. If you support jews, you're not only at odds with the founder of modern conservatism, you're de facto an enemy of your own people.

Moreover, you should be ashamed of yourself.

And so we induce the first tenet of paleoconservatism:

Thou shalt shield jews from all criticism.

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