Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Censored at Takimag!

Here's what you can't post on a site run by conservative profiteers.


Executive summary: profesional paleoconservatives are career girls. They cut their analysis to fit their interests. Jew Gottfried’s mission and function is to prevent young white intellectuals from identifying the jews at the root of every major social ill bedeviling the Whites’ West.

Extended response:
Posted by T2.0 on Apr 15, 2008.

There is a lot blame to go around. Why let the Christian Zionist off the hook?

White nationalists like me attack all bought preachers, but bought preachers are a symptom, not the disease itself.

Jewish neocons can only get away with what the majority Christian population of America lets them get away with.


The majority of White Christian America was against our involvement in what became WWII. Nearly 90%. Yet we went in. How do you explain that save a hostile minority makes all the real decisions?

The vast majority of the country, Christians included, wants the borders shut down. Yet they remain open. It wants an end to affirmative action, yet it never stops. What the majority wants doesn’t matter in the least. What the jews want is what happens. Why should comments be deleted from a conservative site for saying this if it isn’t true? If what I were arguing were wrong, it could be demonstrated by the editors. But instead they censor because the truth makes them look like what they are pseudo-analysts.

Say you’re a christian preacher who doesn’t want the jews to “get away with” any of 500 policies any longer. Where do you get your view publicized? All the mass media outlets are owned by jews and push the jewish agenda. Anyone who objects is smeared as a hater. There are individual christian preachers who stand up, but you sure won’t hear about Ted Pike at Takimag! You have to go to the white nationalist media to learn about him and them.

An academic who did the research proving that jews are pursuing a genocidal campaign against Whites just had a conference held in his honor. I refer to Kevin MacDonald and the SPLC-led witch hunt roundup at Long Beach the other day. Not a word of it transpired here. Why? Because this is la-la land, where everything’s about policies and people, and racial agendas are out of bounds. Nevertheless, jews pursuing genocidal policies against native Whites is what defines America and most of the West today.

If it were a simple matter of Christians choosing to get rid of the jews if they wanted, my comments here would not be deleted so quickly. White nationalism is precisely what the jew fears: Whites who understand they are under racial attack and fight back rather than look for reasons to explain away what is obvious, as the paleocons do.

There are the rare Christians who speak against the jews. They are marginalized. Not by their own - by the jews who run the government and can yank tax exemptions as one in a number of tools they have for cutting funding to anyone who opposes their genocial, loxist agenda.

These clowns you see out front - Reed, Falwell, Robertson - these are men who have power ONLY because they have sold out to the jews. If Pat Robertson took a line critical of Israel he’d be off tv within days.

You have it backwards, McGinty. The jews have the power. They control the christians through tax status (money) and threats.

Essentially, Whites are denied a head. Just as their jewish brothers did in Eastern Europe last century, murdering the White elites, jews in America use their power to prevent a White head from forming, leaving the headless body fit to fight in Iraq, work a service job, or produce white daughters for negroes to marry lol.

The majority Christian population could end the neocon teason in heart beat if they wanted to. This is the paradox.

So you say. The facts are otherwise. Or are christians simply to gutless to point out that it is jews who are behind the campaign to knock christianity out of the public square, and jews who fill their tvs with MTV and Nickelodeon race-mixing garbage, and their retail stores with Bratz dolls.

The only political question that matters in America today is whether, despite the powers the jews can leverage, good White men can come together and cashier them, and create a society worth living in.

In America 2008, all you need to predict what’s going to happen is a knowledge of the jewish agenda. What the majority wants never matters. Paleocons, who must at all cost preserve their income, can’t afford to tell you the facts. They’re happy with crumbs from the liberal jew table in exchange for toeing the Big Lie line that race doesn’t matter.

Posted by T2.0 on Apr 15, 2008.

The White race—those who wish to survive as Whites in a White nation—have not yet resorted to violence to end Jewish Tyranny, but I believe that day is coming. The jews who run our country have made peaceful change inevitable, and in time they will get done to them what they claim Hitler did, but in fact did not do.

Posted by Mark Schlachter on Apr 15, 2008.

That ‘inevitable’ should be IMPOSSIBLE, per the Kennedy quotation.
Posted by Mark Schlachter on Apr 15, 2008.

The US got invloved in WW2 because Germany declared war on the US. There was no opposition to the war at this point.

Yes, after endless provocation and mistreatment under the banner of neutrality. Germany had absolutely no way to threaten the North American mainland, and we were far better served to stay out of that war to extend jewish communism.

But still, McGinty - if the Germans got what they deserved, then why are you here? We normal Whites in America are getting it too. Just as it was in the Weimar Hitler objected to, we in America today have degenerate jews with their hands on all our cultural chokepoints. They are using their control to murder our country, and eliminate our people.

Only the jew won World War Two.

What do you think multiculturalism is? It’s a policy deliberately created by jews to produce White genocide. I thought Hitler was the racist? I thought he killed all the jews? No, in fact all he did was encourage them to emigrate. The real genocidalists are the jews who claim to be the victims of genocide. If you don’t understand that, you need to do a little more reading. Or commit menticide and join Free Republic.

Posted by T2.0 on Apr 15, 2008.

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