Saturday, April 12, 2008


Welcome to Takimag 2.0! This blog chronicles the evasions and censorship practiced at the three top paleoconservative organs: Takimag, Chronicles, and The American Conservative.


Boiling Pot said...

You have to be patient with some of these folks, Alex. Pat B. & Peter B. find themselves on SPLC's intelligence report. Soon they'll lose it and tell it like you want them to. Just wait a bit.

In the meantime, your takimag2.0 is quite entertaining and I am sure that the folks over at the real taki joint are having a meeting to figure out what the heck can be done about all those cowardly neonazis ruining their day.

James McLaren said...

I don't agree. Pat B knows what's up. At the end of the day he'll be what he was the first day: a Catholic Republican goody-goody masquerading as a pugilist.

As for Brimelow, I give him credit for posting Kevin MacDonald. Beyond that Vdare is boring.

What is needed is not fingery remonstrating its fisty-shooty advocacy and fighting.