Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cowardly Grant Havers Responds - After Ensuring He's Safe From Contradiction

Grant Havers, or Gerbil Havers, as he shall henceforth be known, jumped in and deleted our various responses, and then let us have it.


To “Craig”: you may have a point; I shall try to be a civil Christian gentleman (no, seriously).
As for T2.0: while I agree with Taki that Sartre was a better fornicator than philosopher, he was correct to observe that if “the Jew did not exist, the anti-Semite would have to invent him.” There would be no meaning to this pathetic thug’s life if takimag didn’t exist. If the paleos, the zionists, the whole world are so horrible, why does this cretin bother?

Posted by Grant Havers on Apr 15, 2008.

Part gerbil, part pufferfish, our Granty. Why do you bother censoring cretins, Grant? Afraid you can't beat them in argument?

As for Sartre's line, it's just another character smear. Which is fine with you. Lacking all principles, you have no problem citing a jew who defended his jew commie brothers over in Russia who murdered tens of millions of Whites. He's a jew, that's all that matters to you. No one can call you an anti-semite if you quote him. You're safe. And that's your thing, isn't it, Granty?

All the Takimag reader notices is that:

Paleocons allow jews to smear Whites, but don't allow Whites to rebut jewish lies with facts.

Hey, Gerbil Havers: if jews didn't exist, who would you philosemitic cower-cons truckle before? You'd have to invent a new master.

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Boiling Pot said...

I was banned from takimag for a short polite post. Not polite enough, I guess.