Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ravings, Obsessions and Fetishes: The Marks of the Jew-Critic

Ravis, often-times I want to post a link to an exceptional essay or blog post on here, only to be too embarrassed to do so due to the litany of hysterical anti-Jewish ravings of various commenters here. I think it’s worth it to censor.

Posted by Dominic on Apr 12, 2008.


Takimag is sprinkled with posts like the above. They are intended to reinforce the stereotype. You know - that anyone who criticizes jews is obsessed with them. Has a fetish, you might say. Which he or she expresses in raves, rants and diatribes.

Did you just point out that the concepts of 'hate' and 'racism' were both created by jews?

Stop raving.

Did you point out that jews were behind the 1965 immigration 'reform' that was intended to 'elect a new people'?

What are you, obsessed?

Did you mention that America sends Israel over ten million dollars a day? Every day?

It is clear that you have a jew fetish.

Please seek professional help immediately.

It's like the paleocons, and other liberals, reverse Mencken's dictum when it comes to the adherents of the Mosaic cosmogeny. There is only one way to look at a jew - up.

The coward knows that there is safety not only in numbers, but in cliches and stereotypes, which are numbers applied to terms, or usages. If 50,000 people say that jew-critics are obsessed, but only ten point out that jews literally wrote the hate laws used to persecute Whites, then it is clear to the average coward, pardon me, conservative, that it is better to side with the juggernaut. Being intelligent, the conservative, particularly the writers, disguises his cowardice in a joke.

Conservatives like to talk about prudence as a higher value, but in reality their prudence is little more than self-interested cowardice.

What do they exist to conserve? What do they exist to preserve? Musn't race have something to do with these?

Of course, but you will not be allowed to bring up the point at Takimag. Every foolish liberal spouting the nonsense that race is reducible to skin color will be allowed to post to his heart's content, but no serious adducing of racial facts, not opinion, facts, will be allowed. Factual postings on race, gibing or gibe-free, will be censored as soon as the Takimag editor sees them.

That it the state of conservatism today. Sticking to the facts makes you a head case worthy only of laughter and ostracism.

If you subtracted the snobs, climbers and cowards from conservatism you would end up with a negative number. If paleoonservatives were real men of the kind they celebrate in their words, it would have taken the jews more than two days to take over their foundations and magazines.

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