Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Comments: Sempronius boots Patty Bukes


Where to begin? Buchanan the phoney Catholic and phoney “right wing extremist” has encountered some easy prey and hes not about to forego the opportunity to make shooting a squirrel seem like wrestling a lion.The modern Hercules will surely secure his place, if not on Olympus at least in suburban D.C..

There is nothing wrong with “elites”.In fact any sane person, much less a conservative, aknowledges as much and whats more welcomes it.Populist opposition to elitism is yesterdays Leftism,and yesterdays Leftism is todays Conservatism.

Therein lies a problem.

Degenerate Conservatism cant effectively oppose Leftism because its intellectual underpinnings are derived from the very tradition it makes a show of opposing.With the predictable result that it doesnt succeed in accomplishing much of anything,except providing careers for useless and worthless personages not unlike P.B..

The yokels out in the wilds of Pennsylvania are hardly an edifying sight.Understanding and sympathizing with their plight is assuredly correct and noble,but it is not primarily on their behalf nor for their benefit that we oppose THE GOOD TIDINGS of Leftism and its newest Kenyan-Indonesian Messiah.There is no little irony in the fact that The Kenyans mother came from regions no less despised and no less humiliated than the Province of Pennsylvania.

As I said, there is nothing wrong with elites.What passes for an elite today however is not a true elite but rather a degenerate epicene plutocracy.A greedy, stupid, ugly assortment of sorry specimens whos combined value isnt equal to a pile of refuse.

It is indicative of how low we have fallen that an African is putting on contemptuous airs, openly and without consequence towards white serfs.The proper rejoinder to the Kenyans provocation is to point out that however mean and ignoble Heartland peasants may be, they are still far and away preferable to the simians that infest our urban wastelands not to mention the savages of his beloved Africa.

But Conservatism cant do that you see.That would be racist and therefore unchristian and unamerican.

Unbiblical you might say.


[also good]

The elites have power because — and only because — the people have accepted a servile status in exchange for security & benefits.

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Boiling Pot said...

Patti is no hell but I'll take him over Taki, that washed-up, dissolute boulevardier any day.