Monday, April 14, 2008

The Only Tree Branch Out Of The Tarpit

Three Strategies for the Right
Posted by Daniel McCarthy on April 11, 2008

White identify is the only tree branch out of the tarpit.

Face it. Every group has interests, and every group has advocates and representatives. Except Whites.

How is White identify suppressed? By the jews running the media. They need whites for taxes and cannon fodder. For nothing else. The jews’ mission is to bring about white genocide by means of discrimination and miscegenation, both of which are pushed ruthlessly and around the clock. Look at what your daughters and sons are exposed to on tv and in the classroom. It is neo-Soviet, and it is designed to subdue and scatter your genes to the wind. Paleoconservatism without race is Helper without the hamburger.

The only place White men are treated with respect by our Jewish dictatorship is in commercials trying to recruit them for the military.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

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