Monday, April 14, 2008

The Glutician and the Geisha

Okay, okay, I admit it: I, too, am bitter. What else would one expect an Obama-con to be?

I know we’re not supposed to be negative, at least according to Hillary, who “seems to have switched her narrative around,” as one wag put it. In the Brave New World Hillary/McCain are building for us—a world of mandatory health insurance for 20-year-olds and permanent war—we’re to go to our graves smiling, or the Powers That Be want to know the reason why.

Yes, I’m bitter, dammit. And who can blame me? Look, I’m not hard to please: all I ask is a simple cabin in the woods, a Spartan abode to retire to and write my memoir of a misspent youth. And now that I’ve finally received my modest inheritance, my dream, I thought, was within reach—especially with the collapse in the real estate market. Surely there are some real bargains out there, I assumed, even here in California, land of super-inflated real estate prices. Ah, not so fast....


You don’t want a spartan abode, you want a Spartan.

Posted by Hellraiser? No. Shirtraiser. on Apr 14,

Hey, Dennis. I’m writing a musical in your and Yoshi’s honor. Itz called

The Glutician and the Geisha

I hope you sweeties will do me the honor of attending opening night.

Posted by Oscar Wildebeest on Apr 14, 2008.

Readers of Takimag might not realize that Justin Raimondo is a queer named Dennis. He has a girlfriend who's actually a boy. The boy is Japanese. His name is Yoshi. Say hi to Yoshi, folks.

Yoshi and Dennis. What a beautiful idea.

The glutician and his geisha seek an abode that they might sodomize amongst the pines.

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Teresa Guiccioli said...

Yoshi- As in Super Mario ?

Yoshi is the speediest runner and can use his tongue to catch faraway balls.
As for Yoshi's 'daddy', the name-change from Dennis to Justin doesn't work with the whole Keith Richards look at all.
'Hate' Eye for the Paleo-Fag guy?