Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Solid Comments

John Smith

The “them” aren’t “the folks in the small towns and rural areas of that other America”, they’re any white who isn’t self-loathing and desirous of their own destruction, regardless of their income. Obama’s remarks were racist, that is the primary thing wrong with them, and “conservatism’s” co-operation in helping the media deflect the controversy away from the racist hatred of whites that defines the modern left to “bitterness” is a classic case of quisling behavior, and a good example of why conservatism is in disarray. Because they are afraid to deal with the real nature of these remarks they have allowed themselves to be channeled into the ineffective tactic of accusing Obama of being an elitist. He’s a racist, from a genocidally racist political movement, his elitism is irrelevant.


Well argued by Smith. He leaves out the jew behind the left, but he sets it up so the next guy can supply the deeper answer. Instead of prejudicing the full answer, he preps the ground for it. Smith shows the way to argue when you're afraid your remarks will be deleted. You don't necessarily have to say everything, but you must avoid obstructing the way to full understanding by staying on the road, even if you stop short of the destination.

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