Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jew Saul Gottfried's Mission: Steering Young White Conservative Intellectuals Away From Jew-Knowledge

Responding to My Respondents
Posted by Paul Gottfried on April 15, 2008

My last full-length essay on Taki evoked so many thoughtful comments, including essays by Daniel Larison and Richard Spencer (and a long opinion piece by Gerald Russello on the American Conservative website) that I am producing this detailed clarification. The critical thrust of the comments received was more or less the following: First of all, I have overstated the difference between the paleoconservatives and the younger generation of those who are attacking the neoconservatives from the right. Both groups have said pretty much the same things about the evils of the welfare state, the folly of basing a foreign policy on Wilsonian rhetoric, and the leftist origins and cosmology of the neoconservative rulers of the “conservative movement.” There is no significant distinction to be drawn among right-wingers based on generational differences. Where they differ, according to Russello, is that paleos show a deeper knowledge of philosophy and history than those who are coming after them. That difference indicates a greater intellectual reach on the part of the paleos, who have managed to be more than “journalists and activists.”


On and on, boringer and boringer with each paragraph. A man who writes the way jew Gottfried does has one or two purposes: to make money; to deceive. There is no substantial difference between professional conservatives today and yesterday. They are career girls. It is the most distinctive characteristic of the class. Even Canny Sammy, the race-daringest of them all, was a career girl rather than a radical, let alone a revolutionary. A career girl is defined as someone who never puts a cause ahead of his personal interests. As Oliver North said, the truth never put any food on anyone's table. Paleoconservatives don't buck the System, they are the System. Not, of course, all of it, or the part that defines the whole, but a prop. Paleoconservatives lend support to ZOG's anti-White System by misleading their readers as to the root cause of the Right's, taken in its loosest sense, litany of woes. Cultural degeneration, open borders, immoral foreign wars, racial crime, affirmative action - all these policies or results of policies can be traced to jews. If these same jews are in positions of power, and they are, and their fellows like Gottfried never discuss them, and they avoid it as far as they possibly can, given they're on the right where in spite of all best intentions these dirty little secrets still pop up, then jews like Gottfried must be taken as an integral part of the System they affect to seek to change.

Professional conservatism is inseparable from dickering over details since discussing the tenets of the system they whine about is taboo. The System known as America is built on the suppression of White identity. To defend itself the System nibbles and bites at free speech and self-defense rights secured in the White-devised Constitution. That is obvious. Less obvious is that the System sustains itself by creating, and thereby controlling, its own opposition. This is where shielding jews such as Paul Gottfried come in. Always jew Gottfried concern is to lead his charges away from the jewish connection to our troubles. Always the jew conceals or, if he can't do that, downplays the demonstrably true conception that our real rulers are jews driven by an ethnic agenda that includes genocide for Whites. Always jew Gottfried blames Protestants and the managerial state, while ignoring his fellow jews' stated words about their motives and aims.

Young conservatives assimilate into a System that tacitly accepts jews as the touchstone for all values. No view of history is acceptable unless some jew approves. The neocons have their Jaffa, dictating the official party line on Lincoln. But the paleocons have their Lukacs, dictating the party line on race and nationalism. All that remains to be done is to use the smears and epithets honed by their brother jews on the left to denounce any budding paleo-brain who dares to color outside the established lines.

Taki says he began Takimag to take on the neocons, but all he has done is establish a variant of their orthodoxy that is every bit as totalitarian in shutting out dissenting views. If racial strife between jews and Whites is at the heart of the struggle over the future of the Whites' West, you will never hear of it at Takimag, where discussion is limited to what jews deem safe, respectable, responsible, appropriate - whichever word they want to use as an excuse to get out of debating first principles.

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