Monday, April 14, 2008

Orwell and the Vaunted, Artificial Distinction Between Nationalism and Patriotism

The distinction between nationalism and patriotism is merely jews attempting to say what's good when they do it is evil when you do it. America is run by jews, so our nationalism is veiled jewish nationalism. That's why our enemies in Iraq call our soldiers jews. They know who our boys are really fighting for, whereas our boys often don't. At least not until they get there.

The jews lie that white nationalists are evil, hateful extremists who want to roll back civil rights. But if the price of civil rights, as the jews euphemistically describe their dictatorship, is 40,000 White women raped each year by liberated blacks, then civil rights is no more than terrorism by a pretty name. And of course, the rapes are but one of a thousand negatives springing from the jewish communist takeover in the mid-sixties.

Abusing Patriotism
Posted by Daniel Larison on April 14, 2008

Dan has written a strong case against the criticisms of nationalism that I and others have leveled in recent weeks, and I have already responded to some of his points elsewhere, but in this post I want to address the criticisms of Orwell’s overly broad definition of nationalism. Then in the next post I will consider this idea of “hubristic patriotism” and specifically the claim that the attack on paleoconservatives for their lack of patriotism was enabled by such a “hubristic patriotism.”

Yeah, lots of words here.

You’re correct that Orwell was assing when he conjured distinctions that were matters of opinion rather than fact.

Nationalism that matters is based on race. And it’s about self-protection, not slaughtering others. Well, White nationalism, that is. Jewish nationalism, which is the nationalism of the ruling power + the Freepertards is what you’re against. You just won’t name it properly.

White nationalism advocates racial separatism as a cure for the degeneracy of the multicultural failure jews have made of America. It advocates and end to the terrorism called called civil rights that sees 40,000 White women raped by blacks EACH YEAR.

Jewish nationalism, by contrast, is all about expanding Israel’s territory and humiliating anyone jews gain control over.

Posted by Takimag 2.0 on Apr 14, 2008.

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