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Takimag's Rule: Free Speech for Jews Only

The paleocons approach 'free speech,' the 'issue,' in precisely the same way as the neocons they affect to oppose. That is, their interest in free speech extends no further than seeing to it that jews are free to offend Muslims and Christians in whatever ways they see fit. Muslims and Christians, of course, are never free to offend jews, such as by citing jewish quotations, referring to jewish agendas or interests, or by pointing out actual jewish behavior.

Canada is notorious for censorship, but what the paleocons at Takimag will never tell you is that the only reason columnists are now writing about it is that the Muslims have begun to use jew-devised anti-speech laws against jews. When the laws are used as intended -- against Whites, by jews -- not a word of complaint is heard from paleocon or neocon or liberal. But when jew Ezra Levant or jew Mark Steyn come under threat, why, every single jewish columnist from Siberia long-way-'round to Vancouver writes multiple columns denouncing it.

Paleoconservatives, it is the theme of this blog, follow exactly the same taboos as the other liberals. No criticism of jews as a group, anywhere, ever. This is why paleoconservatives never make any progress. Paleoconservatives' entire history can be summed up in two words: Backwards, whining. Which would be a great title for a history of paleoconservatism.

Following our repost of what one 'Russell Seitz' posted at Takimag, we'll add a few extra comments as lead in to various posts that were censored by Richard Spencer or one of the other editors.

Banned In Frostbite Falls?
Posted by Russell Seitz on April 11, 2008

Masochistically pounding yet another spike into the forehead of the Canadian psyche, Alberta’s Human Rights, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism Act, prohibits publishing anything “likely to expose a person or class of persons to hatred or contempt.”

While reserving the right to lambaste Mark Steyn or anybody else showing symptoms of reflexive NeoCandiasis, we ought to stand up for his right to retaliate against us, which by extension means decrying the existence of the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission which in January, Reason reports :

“interrogated the Canadian journalist Ezra Levant about his decision to reprint the notorious Muhammad cartoons that originally appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Levant, the former publisher of the Western Standard, did not try to ingratiate himself. He called the commission “a sick joke” and dared the “thug” across the table to recommend that he face a hearing for offending Muslims.

Levant wanted to be convicted, since that would give him a chance to challenge the censorship that Canadian human rights commissions practice in the guise of fighting discrimination. “I do not want to be excused from this complaint because I was reasonable,” he told the officer. “It is not the government’s authority to tell me whether or not I’m reasonable.” That position has attracted broad support in Canada, where editorialists, columnists, activists, and legislators from across the political spectrum have criticized the commissions for threatening freedom of speech.

The national and regional commissions were established in the 1970s to vet complaints about illegal discrimination in employment, housing, and the provision of goods and services. But many of them have broad, ambiguous legal mandates that can be used to target controversial speech.”

You don’t have to subscribe to Mark’s views ,or the Canadian journals that publish them to strike a blow against these Mounty Python affronts to freedom of the press- Just buy your maple syrup on his side of the border- he is a New Hampshire refugee from censorship in the Big North .


The following are comments on the article above that were censored by Takimag.


Canada’s hate crimes laws were put in place by Jews. And they’d like to do the same thing here in the United States. The brouhaha over Flemming Rose is a big put on. He’s a Jew, not a Dane. He was deliberately stirring up the Muslims to make it look like they’re the prime offenders. Sure, the Muslims hate free speech, and certainly they don’t belong in Western lands. But the Jews are no different. And the Jews have roughly 10,000x the power the Muslims have. The very concept of ‘hate’ crime is the product of the twisted Jewish mind. So is the term ‘racism,’ which came from Jews Trotsky and Hirschfeld. These are concepts used to bind and destroy the White West by crippling their minds and taping their mouths. This is dead serious stuff, and ought to be treated seriously here at Takimag, but because the editors follow the same taboos as every other ‘respectable’ publication, the Jews are allowed to get away with murder.

Follow this link to a long list of men jailed, fined and harassed for nothing more than speaking their mind. This list includes many Canadians. All the media ever write about are two Jews, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. Jewish columnists, as in Europe, wish to give the reader the false impression that it is Muslims trying to censor people, and this is the bulk of the problem. But in fact Muslims did not write the anti-’hate’ laws, Jews did. Muslims are only now coming to make use of them, and the only reason the Jews in the media are complaining is that the ‘victims’ are Jews. In every one of the dozens of cases preceding the complaints against Levant and Steyn, the victim has been an ordinary White set on by, in most cases, Jews, and in a few, by legally privileged minorities such as homosexuals or some other group used as a tool by organized Jews. These are the facts of the matter, whether Takimag deletes them or not. They will not go away. Jews are behind ‘hate’ laws against free speech wherever these laws pop up, from real laws in Canada, to real laws in Australia, to proposed laws in the United States. Without Jewish support, these laws would not exist.


These are the victims of jew-written Canadian anti-’hate’ laws. They are White men persecuted by jews. They are never written about, because the aim of the global media is to portray jews, always, as victims, and never as what they really are: predators.

Canada: White victims of loxist anti-speech laws:

Paul Fromm
Marc Lemire
Terry Tremaine
Philippe Rushton
Tom Winnicki
Jason Ouwendyk
Jessica Beaumont
Alexan Kulbashian
Stephen Boissoin
Melissa Guille
Bill Noble

Not one of these men and women is ever mentioned in the global media. Why? Because they are White, and their oppressors are jews. Half of all syndicated columnists are jews, and jews have their own peculiar definition of free speech: they are free to critcize, mock, slander and smear anyone or group for any reason, but nobody is allowed to criticize them as a group - ever. This would be quaint and hypocritical except this double standard is written into the law in the Whites’ West.

A full slate of White victims of loxism here:


Takimag's Russell Seitz makes fun of the idea that Steyn is a jew, however Jew Lawrence Auster says Mark Steyn has affirmed on his own website that he is of jewish descent, [although jew Steyn subsequently removed his statement].


What could more unseemly than a 65-year-old man, as Seitz seems to be, using cartoon graphics related to a serious issue? This foolishness speaks to the lack of gravitas at the heart of the paleoconservative being. You have jews running immigration in Canada and letting in the Third World as fast as it can deplane. You have jews passing laws -- and celebrating these laws in the media -- that prevent Whites from making any untoward comments about these new "Canadians." Then, when there is enough diversity that it gets ideas of its own, the jew gets a tiny shard of blowback in the form of its own Semitic brothers using its own Semitic censorship against him.

Does the "independent" Takimag point out the irony? Heck no. It follows the same taboos the rest of the liberals do. Jews must only be portrayed as victims, never as perps. Takimag, truly, in the dismissive words of Willmoore Kendall directed at Buckley's project, is "just another liberal rag." Whites must look elsewhere to learn what is really going on, and what is really in their interests.

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Boiling Pot said...

Yes, in Kanada, freedom of expression has gone downhill, and rapidly, too. I can recall that just prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Sun chain of newspapers had a little questionnaire for its readers. The question was, "What do you think is the real reason for the proposed Amerikan invasion of Iraq?" There were 4 choices: One of them was, "To protect Israel". I kid you not. I can assure you that you will not see anything like this in the Kanuckistanian press any time soon.